you're so down home

Outfit Details: 
Vintage scarf: thrifted
Vintage knit cardigan: pile sale
1970s floral dress: pile sale
Belle by Sigerson Morrison nude flats: C/O Rue La La

A secret: I always have to wear a jacket or cardigan with this dress because the armpits are shredded and the top side seam is coming undone. I'll probably have to make it into a tie strap sundress one of these days which I'm not psyched about. I have a weird thing where I don't like to wear strappy tops or dresses or even sleeveless tops or dresses. Gimme that short sleeve!

Anyone else have any strange clothing rules they stick to?


  1. I'm the exact same way with sleeves...they're just so important!

  2. Such dreamy, sweet, mellow colors. You look lovely.

  3. Yeah, I never wear anything with a really low back, or cutouts in the back or strappy tanks. I guess that's weird cause I grew up dancing and was always in leotards, but now I don't do it. For some reason it makes me feel naked, though I could wear something low cut in the front and not feel that way at all.

  4. the cardigan and the scarf on your head are so cute!! you look like you belong in the twenties or something :)
    i love it


  5. Sooo pretty! And that is so funny! I can't think of any weird rules at the moment but I'm sure I have some...

  6. Derr. Pants with long shirts. I have massive hips for someone my height so I like to hide them.
    ALSO I LOVE THAT CARDIGAN. You always have the best layers.

  7. What a pretty print on the dress!

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  8. You look so pretty! I love the freshness that comes out of this outfit. I can't wait for spring! Thanks for cheering me up, NY is so gloomy today :(

  9. i love how spring this dress is! my favorite shade of pink and florals!


  10. Such a gorgeous color and print - just beautiful :)
    I am a bit ambiguous towards spaghetti straps and short skirts but every once in a while I'll break those self-imposed fashion rules :)

  11. I also have an issue with sleeveless things! It's not even that I'm subconscious about my arms... it really just is a weird thing. Ha!

    Anyway, I love your hair this short!

  12. awww, hi, pretty girl! You're looking prettier than ever. How are you? :D

    love, polly


  13. the cardi looks so warm!

    xoxo from rome

  14. I don't like dark top, when the bottom is light. I have a feeling that my legs are shorter because of that. But I accept such look in other people.

    ps.Some new years photos on my blog. :)


  15. love this soft and feminine look

  16. i feel the same way about dressed and tops. i used to be super crazy about it, but it's gotten a little better.
    you remind me of zelda fitzgerald.

  17. That scarf is so pretty with your short hair. and YES, I definitely have a thing for sleeves.

  18. I'm not crazy about spaghetti straps either, now that I think about it...

    The print of that dress is amazing, though!! It deserves to be worn despite its flaws :)

    And, more importantly, you look so gorgeous here, Ashley <3

  19. I just wish they made more dresses with mid-length/long sleeves so I wouldn't have to disappear under several sweaters every winter. And yeah, high school ruined spaghetti straps for me. But once in a while is fine... do it!

  20. Love the floral dress, the color is so flattering on you! What exactly is a pile sale?! If that is where you got these, I want to go to one!


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