descanso gardens


Outfit Details:
Vintage 1970s dress (altered to be shorter): pile sale
Salvatore Ferragamo flats: thrifted
Vintage gold mouse hair clip: gift from Grant
Heart necklace: thrifted

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Grant's Oufit details ;-)
Beanie: UO
1970s cardigan: thrifted
Button up: thrifted
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Clarks


Hello! Firstly, I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day (or at the very least,  used the holiday as an excuse to stock up on half priced V-day candy while freely indulging in eating every treat, sweet, and heart shaped thing in sight).

On Valentine's Day Grant and I hoofed it up to Pasadena. Originally, I wanted to go to the Huntington Gardens but was DENIED since they are closed on Tuesdays. I even looked on the website and saw that the tea place was closed on Tuesdays but for some reason it didn't register that the actual gardens would also be closed. All was not lost, however. We went and had afternoon tea at the Chado Tea Room and eh. It was just okay. The hunt for the perfect tea place continues...

A quick tip from Grant's dad to go to the nearby Descanso Gardens pretty much saved our trip out there (thanks Rick!). Descanso Gardens are in La Canada which was like 10 minutes away on the freeway. We got there two hours before the park closed and it was just so nice to be able to stroll the gardens close to sunset. It had been patchy gray skies all day but luckily for us things had cleared up a bit and we were treated to gardens and mountains bathed in warm golden light. We strolled through Japanese gardens, groves of old oak trees, floral forests heavy with camellias in all different colors, and pretty pastoral grass meadows. There was also a small area of California native plants and cactus and an impressive rose garden near the front. All in all, a great day spent with my great guy :)

PS: I've been getting some questions on my hair recently, asking if I do anything to it to make it look "vintagey". All I can say is that I think my haircut makes it look like that. I don't do anything besides let it air dry (which brings out the natural wave) and scrunch it with cheapo Suave mousse. Then I just pin my bangs to the side and hope for the best. Also, you guys are seeing it on it's "good" days. There is no way in hell that I would post a picture of  what it looks like on a bad day. Those are the days I wear a hat and hope that I don't see anyone  that I know around town. Isn't it funny how much a bad hair day can affect your confidence? Sheesh!


  1. the wine-ish/magenta color of the dress is YOUR color! looks fabulous on you and i love the vintage-esque look of your hair. Question? What are your favorite thrift stores?


  2. These photos are beautiful, you and Grant are such a good looking couple :) and you look so happy! Your dress is stunning, and Grant's cardi is KING!!!

    What gorgeous flowers...its incredible to me that California is alive and blooming, while its grey and wet here in Pittsburgh. Ugh. I think I need to move!! Have you also been enjoying the orange/avocado/citrus bounty I've heard of?! Hope so!

    OH! And I wore the blazer from MTV (omg Milk Teeths Vintage looks like MTV! haha awesome!!) and you can find it here: http://amberlysara.blogspot.com/2012/02/navy-please.html

    Sending love to you all week long! <3 And you go girl wid yo badass hair cut!

  3. ! I drive by descanso all the time...but have never been... Huntington releases free tickets on the first of each month for the next month(free first Thursday) if you guys ever head back up this way and San gabriel/Arcadia has a lot of great...bubble tea:)

  4. This is one of the prettiest dresses. The lace sleeves are so sweet and the color is amaaazing. I've been jealous of your hair since you cut it. We have a similar length, but I have the super straight asian hair that holds no curl whatsoever.

  5. ive never heard of descanso! it looks nice though, i sure like huntington and california succulents. might have to check it out next time!

  6. Pretty dress!! I know that I have seen 70's dresses similar to yours and they always had an awkward long length, so your alternation of this one is just perfect.

    Sounds you a wonderful V-Day, beautiful rose heart. <3

  7. What a beautiful dress! Sounds like if you want a decent tea room you'll have to visit England and go to Betty's in Harrogate.

  8. stunning dress and cute necklace, love the beautiful photos too

  9. You look so beautiful, I love that dress! And Grant is looking awesome as always :p
    I'm glad you had a good end of the day, that garden sounds wonderful! :)

  10. oh my god i love that dress on you!!! love these pics!!!


  11. That dress looks awesome on you! You look adorable!

  12. I looooooooove love love this post. Great outfit, great location. They go perfect together!

    I think you need to come to Canada and we can go out for afternoon tea. The place I went in Toronto was really great! Everything was so delicious. I can't wait to one day go back. So, come join me, okay?! Haha.

  13. Wow what a gorgeous dress + it fits you like a dream. You certainly have a way with wearing vintage dresses and making them look so effortlessly cool and pretty.

    Oh, and what great style he has too!

  14. aww you look so pretty in this dress. That is cute that people ask about the hairstyle. It does look lovely!

  15. This dress is stunning! So pretty and love the colour. :)


  16. These photos are amazing, ah I am so envious of that weather! Your dress is really nice too, great colour on you.

  17. Eee this all is so pretty! Your dress is magnificent. The lace overlay and color itself are beautiful! I swear, you are the thrifting queen because you find the most grand things I have ever seen! I'd also love myself a pair of salvatore ferragamo flats.
    A garden like this is such a wonderful place to spend valentine's day, the setting is beautiful. xx

  18. I think this might just be my favourite ever outfit of yours! :) So beautiful and everything is just perfect :) xx

  19. This dress is perfect! I actually found the exact same one in pink, but it looks better in red in my opinion. The garden is gorgeous, I love all of the color!

  20. babe! you are a babe! seriously. i'd love to hear how you altered this dress. you're giving me thrifting hope! it sounds like you had a super lovely valentine's day. i ate heart shaped candy all day.

  21. I love Descanso Gardens! I'm so glad you and Grant went :). That dress is amazing and you look like a dream. The camellia heart <3. definitely make another trip out here to see the Huntington Library! as always, great post.

  22. The arboretum in Arcadia is also an amazing place, have always wanted to check out Descanso Gardens, this is my motivation to :)

  23. A garden Valentine's date? Awesome lady. That dress is stunning.

  24. This is such a lovely V-day outfit! The color is perfection :) and I too hate bad hair days lol


  25. This dress is to die for!! OMG, it's so pretty. And I will have to check out Descanso since I live in Pasadena...it looks like a gorgeous place to hang out.

  26. Oh Ashley! This dress is beautiful and looks stunning on you! Glad you had such a lovely Valentine's Day!

    xx Aliya

  27. oh my god! i absolutely love your dress. and what a good idea to alter it shorter. i often love the necklines on 70s dresses but don't like the length. i'd also be afraid to mess with the lace. so pretty. and such gorgeous photos too!

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