Outfit Details:
 vintage Hawaiian tee: Thank You Mart (RIP) 
J. Crew bathing suit via Ebay
 Sunglasses: F21
 vintage sandals: thrifted
 paperbag shorts: C/O BB Dakota 

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket So I'm actually back at home in California but as I mentioned before, I'm going to be posting a few more photos from my trip! So here goes:

These photos are from when just a fraction of my immediate family (30+ people) hopped into some jeeps and drove north to Zambales, another picturesque province in the Philippines. Zambales is known for having very beautiful beaches and the beach town we visited for the weekend called Pundaquit definitely did not disappoint. Pundaquit is cool because you can take boats to nearby islands. One of them, Capones Island, has an old Spanish lighthouse from the late 1800s that we checked out. It was kind of a trek to get to the light house (up a steep rocky trail, walk through some jungle, get to the lighthouse then climb up some beyond sketchy rusted stairs and ladders, etc.) but I will admit it was definitely worth the trudge.

 Exploring the lower grounds of the lighthouse was really neat. I loved the chevron floor tiles and old wrought iron detailing throughout. Something that I did not love was looking up only to see shards of rusted metal roof precariously dangling above me head, just waiting to impale my skull D:

 Hanging out at the rocky beach on Capones Island proved to be a boon for seashell hunting. Grant found some really nice specimens which I'll have to take a photo of to post on here sometime soon. The beach was basically all volcanic ash, pumice, and seashells. The water itself was very refreshing, like being in a swimming pool. I was definitely having flashbacks to Sardinia when we were there. Although I must admit I thought the Zambales beaches were much more interesting given the amount of tropical sea life and such. Or maybe i'm just biased ;-)


  1. beautiful photos! looks like you have had a lot of fun :D

  2. wow the view is stunning! love the shorts


  3. Haven't been there. I'm jealous! Hahaha. Beautiful photos. :)


  4. Your pics from the trip are amazing, I can't wait to go on our trip in July actually in your neck of the woods, Santa Monica beach to be more precise, maybe we can all meet up for diner during our stay?



  5. Yeah, rusted metal is totally sketchy, but the photos look beautiful anyway! :)

  6. Wow, nice pictures! I will surely go back there over and over again, the views are really beautiful!

  7. The Phillipines look amazing! I have major wanderlust. And I love your vintage Hawaiian shirt!

  8. ooh i agree, i always go way more crazy about seeing wildlife, although this beach is quite impressive and beautiful. glad you made it up to that lighthouse. love those sandals, amazing thrift find on that & the fun top. love that one piece too, i'm always on the hunt for nice one pieces.

  9. This has me dreaming and I just woke up!!! You and Grant are so good looking its disgustingly delicious! The views there are breathtaking....thank you so much for sharing it here!

    and one more time, HEY JOE!

    Haha I love that part of the trip....


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