Outfit Details:
Adidas track jacket: (I think) Urban Outfitters
Coral silk button up: thrift store
Vintage tweed trousers: The Loved One (checked out the Pasadena store in February and I'm in love! Definitely a must stop if you're in old town Pasadena)
Sunglasses: Asos
Flats: Target

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Flare Magazine, a cool fashion publication out of Canada asking if I was up for a "styling challenge". Not one to back down from a challenge (especially a fashion related one) I gladly accepted. Boy was I in for a surprise when I read that the challenge involved working a sporty/ athletic piece of clothing into an outfit.

Let's get one thing straight,  the terms"sporty" and "athletic" are two words that pretty much mean nothing to me. As a general rule, I don't like, care, or even know the basic rules and premises behind many sports. I have no team affiliations, I have (had) zero school spirit--the whole sports thing just doesn't do it for me. Unfortunately, this general apathy towards athleticism and the sporting world  translates directly into my wardrobe.

 I thought it was curtains for me.

THANKFULLY,  I had remembered that for a bit of time during high school I was heavily into everything The Royal Tenenbaums and because of this, I had amassed quite the Adidas track jacket collection. Over time I grew out of it and gave most of my jackets away but lucky for me I unearthed this single jacket from the depths of my closet. Whew! So thanks Chas Tenenbaum, you really saved the day this time.

To check out the Flare Magazine  feature you can hop on over to HERE

PS: If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my giveaway down below! $50 smackers to my vintage shop, oh heyy!


  1. oh wow this is just so damn cool!

  2. can i have those trousers, please? also, the next time you hang out with beatrice, let me know! i am almost done with all my master's thesis shenanigans and i have more free time. it's been so long.

  3. I think you pulled it off quite well and so much more different than the other bloggers that participated. You really pull off that SoCal laid back style so well. AND schweet shades!

  4. good luck on your challenge! im not sporty at all either hahahhaa. The pictures for that Pasadena shop are so so cute.

  5. Hahaha I'm exactly the same with sports! That paragraph says it all for me as well. I like your trousers, you look like one of my glamorous relatives from malaysia in these photos.

  6. I love the trousers, so old-fashioned :)

    xo Joana

  7. Ooh, so fun!! :D I used to be very sporty in high school (that's what being a gymnast does to you, haha) But I hardly have anything sporty now. I think you did a great job!! Off to check out the feature :)

  8. I love that the only reason you own a track jacket is because of Chas Tenenbaum. A girl after my own heart! hehe

  9. A challenge that you took with mush creativity and ... flare.

    Well done!

    Virginie xo

  10. Sometimes I love when I am to busy for to catch up with some of my favorite blogs for awhile! I just spent a good quality 30 minutes of quality Milk Teeths viewing, and you did not disappoint! (Plus, it is a very slow day at work, so it is greatly appreciated!) Your blog is absolutely original and inspiring! Look at what you did with a "sporty" look that you never wear- it is still amazing! I am also loving that sunglass company that you reviewed a few posts back, the sea glass frames are amazing!
    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks so much for doing what you do!
    Hope you are having a lovely day!
    xo Hannah

  11. You sexy creative beast.

    This is awesome <3<3 aaaand I love you


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