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Outfit Details: 
vintage sweater: pile sale
plaid flannel: thrift store
sunglasses: ASOS
AG Jeans: Anthropologie (sale)
O'Hanlon Mills socks: Urban Outfitters (sale)
Ancient Chuck Taylors

A week ago we got to go up to Cayucos to house sit for Grant's Dad for a few days which is always a treat. We were hoping for more spring time temperatures but unfortunately it was sort of rainy and gray for the majority of the time we were there. The sun did manage to peek out for a bit on one of the days (hooray!) which is when we decided to do a bit of bike riding and beach exploring.

Hopefully next time we go it will be nice and hot. Cayucos is near San Simeon which is where Hearst Castle is and I've been wanting to go for the longest time. Definitely will hit it up next time.

PS: I plan on doing a giveaway to the shop sometime real soon so keep your eyes peeled :)


  1. CUTE!! comfy!! everything one can ever want in an outfit!!

    oh, and mustard my fave colour... YUM!!


  2. I love that your bicycle matches your sweater! xx

  3. I love the boyish chic of this outfit and those glasses are amazing. All these pictures are lovely but that last one is really breathtaking!

  4. ah! So homesick. I definitely suggest going to the castle if you can make it. Also, check out the trail off of the beach accross from the castle. It is full of the most beautiful trees.

  5. Oh my, your shades are way badass and I'm loving your bike!

  6. i love the cuffed jeans + socks+ converse combination


  7. amazing pics,
    love the socks!

  8. these photos are sooo gorgeous... i need to drive up the coast!

  9. AWESOME, I don't know if I love your glasses or your sweater more!!!

  10. Oh my, I think I'm in love. With your outfit. And these photos, especially the last one.
    Here's a little rainy and cold again too, I can't wait to wear short sleeved tops!

    Life is a romantic poem

  11. soooooooooo awesome!


  12. gah! precious squirrel! They come right up to you here in Illinois on campus, too! I love it when they eat right out of my hand! So sweet. You look so badass girl! I'm loving your colors!

    love, polly :D

  13. Love it, the sunglasses are really cool !

  14. How could you not comment on that squirrel?! That's so crazy; I think I would freak out if one came up so close to me and was touching me!!
    Fabulous landscape shots. <3 =)

  15. You're looking fine in mustard! Love that your jumper matches your bike! And those shades are cool as! My favourite picture's the one with the horse in the distance; but your pics are always amazing!!

    x Aliya

  16. Love the bike! And the sunglasses are perfect. :)

  17. Whoa! That first picture looks like it was photographed in Teen Vogue or something :) ah-mazing photos Ashley! Really loving the picture of Grant taking a picture of the ocean

    xx Kat

  18. I wish you modeled professionally, you are a beautiful asian girl WHO'S TAN! I notice on the runway, you can't be an asian model if you're tan and you would be representing such a bigger population of us that gets neglected by media all over the world.

  19. Aw thanks for the sweet comment @Mullzica. And I totally agree, tan asian models don't really exist which is weird because uhh south east asian people ARE tan! Even when I recently visited the Philippines all of the TV personalities/ models on billboards were all very pale and light skinned (no doubt with the help of a bit of skin bleaching). I'd like to see more diversity in asian models too :)

  20. Love the sweater and socks, adorable! And those sunglasses + red lip are killer on you! The last two photos are beautiful with the waves on the sand. Are you going to FABB? If so, hope to see you there!


  21. Your outfits are so cool!!!! I really love this one with the great sale socks.


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