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All photos by Grant Hatfield

1960s floral party dress S-M available at MILK TEETHS

Remember Myspace? Remember those surveys people would post in that little friend activity feed? In the spirit of nostalgia (read: I really have nothing to say in today's post but feel compelled to type something) here are a few survey questions about me. Maybe we have something in common?

 Spell my name as it sounds: Ash-lee. A more fitting question would be to spell my last name as it sounds (because nobody can say it correctly, ever): BAL-loo-yet. 
 Am I a worrier? To a degree, yes.

 Have I ever been to Canada? No. I'd like to go to Vancouver sometime in the near future though, since it's just up the coast (relatively speaking).

 Have I ever seen a celebrity? I should preface this question by answering that  I am really bad at recognizing celebrities in real life, and I've only noticed famous people if someone that I am with sees them and says something. With that said, I've met Gwen Stefani at an art opening, seen Alec Baldwin eating ice cream with his daughter, walked by Woody Harrelson outside of a Guitar Center in Hollywood, and I think that's it? I can't really remember.

 How much money do I have on me right now? Loose change. Maybe a dollar.

 How many cars have I owned? One.

 Last time I ate at McDonald’s:  Ugh do NOT get me started on how much McDonald's I ate in the Philippines (or Sbarro for that matter). Never again. -______-

 Last thing I bought: A hot milk tea


  1. Since I never had myspace, I didn't really get to do these. And you were right, we do have some things in common. But I guess we all have :) You look really pretty in these pictures!

    xo Joana

  2. I LOVE that dress!!! I want it, but I have nowhere to wear it, ha ha

  3. I will shamefully admit that I love McDonalds...but damn I bet its tastier overseas...

    You look amazing in that dress, and those nude flats? Are love.

    And the reason you don't notice celebrities is because you respect their privacy, right? Oh, and you are a celeb so, like, what the eff?? <3

    Hope you have an amazing week, Ashleeee BAL-loo-yet!

  4. Okay please tell me Gwen was as lovely in person as I think she is or else I will be crushed!
    Really pretty photos, and I especially love the first one

  5. wow, after seeing this post, i had to go look at this dress in your shop! i ADORE it.

  6. @ Kirsten: She was pretty nice! I saw her at a big art show and the only reason I recognized her was because she was done all the way up to the 9s and tons of people were taking her photo. She was in one of the small rooms and I marched up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, and asked if I could shake her hand and told her she was such an inspiration :) I felt all wobbly afterward haha

  7. You should seriously check out Vancouver. It's the perfect combination of city, ocean, beaches, and mountains all in one. Both of Canada's coasts are absolutely beautiful..but I'm bias. Montreal is a great city as well. Very arty and inspiring, as well as French and English-speaking! It's rad.

  8. i used to be obsessed with those surveys!! haha. love the floral headpiece and the polaroid shot


  9. Ohhhhh the Myspace days.... and GWEN STEFANI?!?!? I die. I've been a Gwenabe since the age of 12, I would have melted into a giant puddle. Also, you should do more of these Myspace inspired surveys, I like em.

  10. I went to Vancouver over winter break! definitely a different vibe although im not too sure what i was expecting from Canada haha

  11. the first concert i went to was Gwen's! I've just come across your magical bloggg and am v. excited to explore your archive! beautiful photos and cool outfits.

    The Dress Up Corner

  12. You look like a painting in these photos. So beautiful!

  13. this dress is so pretty. and i used to get a sick sort of happiness from filling these surveys out haha

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  14. I love your floral headband. :) It makes these photos (and that beautiful dress) seem even more magical.

    Haha Myspace. I love that you did this survey. Canada is also on my list of places to visit soon!

  15. I love that dress. So amazing & spring-like! The days of Myspace should never be revisited, I remember taking forever on those surveys so I'd have the perfect answers.

  16. Love that last shot i the stands! I remember some of these questions.

  17. I Love all of those photos. You look beautiful.


  18. I stood next to Helena Bonham Carter once at the London Film Fest. She's a tiny sprite pixie thing with amazing crazy hair. Also, I guess I've met a few others, but it all depends on your definition of celebrity. The last time I ate at McDonalds was in Spain in 2005. We were in a shopping mall. Everyone was smoking. We were jet-lagged and everything tasted weird. Tell Grant: love the long shadows in the 3rd pic.

  19. you're pretty amazing!
    love the flower

  20. love the floral crown

    and you have to go to vancouver - its an absolute beauty

  21. That dress is beautiful,
    you look adorable :-)


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