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Outfit Details:
Breslin in sea glass sunglasses C/O RAEN Optics
silk polka dot blouse: thrift store
vintage cable knit cardigan : thrift store
vintage water color pleat midi skirt: thrift store
vintage leather penny loafers: thrift store

By design, I like to keep the shilling on this blog to a minimum. I'm not into plastering my site with a million affiliate badges in the hopes that YOU will click through and buy something from company X (netting me between 5-8% of your total purchase order, thanks) and I'm also not into sacrificing my personal style by wearing head to toe courtesy items on the reg. Call me crazy, but I like to see what bloggers wear and buy using their own cash monies!

For the most part, when I do get an opportunity to pick out an item to wear and feature on this blog I take care to ensure that it is from an independent company that I can get behind and would feel proud to support. Enter RAEN Optics. I've actually known about RAEN for a while, they are a local (!) Southern California brand based in sunny Encinitas and they churn out beautiful, pretty much hand-made, eye wear like nobodies business.

Anyway, I loves me a good pair of sunglasses, and the sea glass green finish on these beauties (not to mention the augmented cat eye) are just too great. Methinks they'll be plastered on my face this spring and summer. I guess I should start the preventative sunglasses tan measures now...


  1. I simply adore your blouse and your cardi. Those sunnies are so cute!

    xo Joana

  2. Ooh those are so awesome!! And I agree, I don't like when all bloggers wear is c/o items... I get my fair share but its only small things like bracelets, not actual clothing, ha ha. (usually ;) ) But like you I only do it if I enjoy the company. :) (but I am guilty of affiliate ads, but only for stores I love and shop at (or wish I could shop at) ;) )

  3. I think it's great you feel like this - I hate seeing all c/o outfits. I feel like the second I see that, I sort of tune out and the blogger doesn't represent a real person I connect with anymore. Loving these glasses on you though...your whole outfit has the most amazing granny chic vibe going on that so few people could pull off as wonderfully as you :)

  4. I think we're all entitled to the odd c/o item (well, not all, but if offered), so long as they don't swamp the blog. Your sunglasses are awesome, and go awesomely with your thrifted outfit...

  5. The glasses are sweet but what I'm really lusting after is that skirt. Such a pretty print and I love the pleats. You look lovely and totally ready for the spring.

  6. Ashley, I absolutely love this look! So pretty!

  7. vintage excellence!! so pretty


  8. ooh sea glass! what a cute idea for a shade/shade name :)

  9. I don't mind if you wear sponsored items, it's nice to receive a little gift now and then and I know you'll always style the pieces in your own unique way. That said, it's the blouse and cardigan combination that really catches my eye in this post - charity shoppers forever!! xx

  10. Well I like your "philosophy" and I agree with yhou. It's amazing that you decided to support local business and independent companies...and by the way those sunglasses look too good for not accepting them :)
    I also love the rest of your outfit (polka dots & florals look so good together!).

    Life is a romantic poem

  11. Love your pictures with penny loafers you look great in them, More penny loafers shots!

  12. This is gorgeous. New reader here!

  13. Those sunglasses look like they were MADE for you. :)

  14. I Love the skirt!

  15. Ha I love what you're sayin about the c/o clothes. I just kind of stopped reading blogs for awhile and when I came back I realized how uninspiring it is to see someone in all their free shizz.
    That being said, I had seen these glasses (on Need Supply maybes?) and I freaked out because they are so awesome. I had no idea that beyond looking cool that they were a local/handmade product.

    Aside from the glasses that look awesome on you...this outfit is the dreamiest most perfectest springiest thing I've seen in awhile. I'm pinning it on my Pinterest!

  16. Methinks them shades are perfection!! & I agree with company clothes and free swag. It's great that you're staying true and original :)


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