cat lady

Photos by Grant

 Cat print jumper S-M available at MILK TEETHS
 Pink canvas tote available at MILK TEETHS
 vintage felt hat: thrift store
 sandals: thrift store

I might be crazy for giving this dress up (especially when I received so many compliments the day I wore it) but I think someone out there could love it more than I do, if that's possible.

I feel like that I post a lot of not so smiley photos of myself so I was glad that when I looked through this picture set that there were a few genuine smiles to include. The thing is, I hate fake smiles. Period. They look so disingenuous and corny. Anyone else feel me on that? In real life, I think that I smile a lot when I interact with people but if I'm just by myself, running errands, or daydreaming I have a bit of a stern look on my face. But then again, who the heck goes around town with a weird half smile plastered on their face 24/7??

On a blogging note, I was sort of curious about the kind of content anyone out there in internet land would like to see on this blog. I know, I know, I pretty much blog whatever I want and I'm not one to let public opinion sway my content, but still. Should I do More scans of vintage illustrations? Some DIYs? Forget about the fashion thing and just post life style and travel photos? Or should I just shut my yap and only post personal style photos ad nauseum (which is the most popular content on this blog....much to my ambivalence at times).


  1. This is a hilarious dress! I am sure someone will snap it up.
    Ah I am always in a similar conundrum regarding what to blog about. Continue as you are I reckon, tho DIYs are always run to read about.

  2. I like the randomness of your blog! It's fun to not really know what to expect when you open the page, and blogs with just one subject get boring...unless they're about nail polish. I love nail polish.

    Anyway. I say keep doing what you're doing. Vintage scans are awesome, your travel photos are fun, and your fashion sense is odd (in a great way! I love it! Please take that as a compliment.) so I like coming here knowing I'm not going to see a bunch of shots from a fashion show with crazy things I'd never wear even if I could afford them. :)

  3. super cute dress!!
    love this

  4. Dress = awesome!
    More blogging: reviews or thoughts on movies, film directors, plots lines, tv shows, books, and authors!
    Love your travel pics and thoughts on neat places you visit. Everyone loves a good review on a place they may or may never visit! And what's local and usual to you may be exotic and interesting to us. =) I love recommendations.
    More pictures and reviews of dessert items!! YUM!
    don't think I didn't notice that cat-eye w/the cat dress, btw. love it!

  5. The buttons on that dress are like icing on a cake...love the print. Yea, about smiling. My husband will be like smile smile and while I'm not so crazy about smiling for the camera, sometimes I feel it's the least I can do to make the photographer happy. So I'll think about something ridiculous that'll make me laugh or he'll try to make me laugh. I think you have a pretty good neutral face, where when you're not smiling you don't look completely pissed off which is a good thing.

    I'd like to see whatever you are inspired to post. I enjoy reading your posts as well. It often feels formulaic to simply discuss the outfit and how great life is. I like how critical you are about certain facets of fashion blogging.

  6. Oh my goodness! The print on that dress is adorable!!!! :D :D LOVE it :)
    Yea...I always do a half smile in my photos, sometimes I try to laugh but its weird laughing in front of a tripod so they look stupid, ha ha.

    As for content, I love your mix of posts, I never know what to expect when I visit and that's what I love about your blog :D

  7. I second comments about keepin on doing what you're doing :) I love your style and the eclectic nature of your posts. But I love that it's not all just pretty pictures...you have great content to go with them. And that's what sets blogs apart for me. Oooh maybe a series of local travel posts would be nice..on good vintage/food/touristy things in your neck of California. And I also love snooping on what books/music/films bloggers are into so feel free to drop that in too! That's the end of my list :) PS: Amazing cat dress :)

  8. love the hat! the print on the dress is way too cutee


  9. i think you should post whatever you feel like posting! like the other commenter stated, i think the beauty of your blog is the eclectic mix of fashion posts among many other things so post what you love, whether it be lifestyle, diy, personal posts!

  10. you look amazing Ashley :) loving your smile and that hat!

    giving a new meaning to cat woman

  11. i'm not surprised that someone already swooped this dress up and reserved it! it is gorgeous! i can't believe you would sell it! :) i love this whole outfit though - perfect for summertime! <3

  12. I love everything about this outfit! You look adorable and I need to get myself some sandals like those. As for what I like to see on your blog - everything you do already! It's perfect as it is, and it's the fact that we are looking at your representation of your life that makes it so unique and interesting :) xx

  13. I love your style and photos, plus you're just so cute. :) I'm a big fan of DIYs too. So that's my vote, stick with the cute personal style photos, but add some more DIYs. But obviously do what makes you happy, because in then end your content will be best when your making posts that make *you* happy. Thanks for being an awesome lady! Wish I still lived in the OC, I'd totally be all over you meet-up! -chris

  14. This dress is so pretty on you :) I love your expression here, and yes, I can tell these are genuine smiles. I don't like fake smiles too, ugh.
    Hmmm let's see, I like this blog the way it is, but I'd love to see more DIYs or scans of vintage illustrations.

    Life is a romantic poem

  15. oh my god........ YES to the dress!!!!!!! :D It's fabulous!

    love, polly :D

  16. this dress is beyond adorable! you look lovely!


  17. are you kidding me with that dresSSSS???!!! its amazing!!!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  18. Continue as you are. I love the mix of style, DIYs, lifestyle, vintage shopping hauls/tips, travel etc. I'm from Ireland so a peek into the world of California always interests me. Also, any blogs that I really love and connect with are ones where the blogger shares parts of their life with their readers. I think the reader can then really connect with the blogger rather than it just being another boring, clinical, or pretentious blog about style.

    You're just effortlessly stylish and beautiful and your lovely personality shines through so keep up the great work. I love visiting your blog on my coffee break at work. It's like a little visual treat during my busy day!

    p.s. this is simply the best cat dress I have EVER seen! who needs MIU MIU's cat print?!

  19. I always have a hard time deciding whether to keep or sell. Either way, the dress looks great on you. Love it.

  20. My oh my! I need to find a way to steal that dress of you. Its too perfect!

    x Aliya

  21. *dress off of you. (just thought I'd correct that!)

  22. Oh hey, just wanted to say that I share the ambivalence to the popularity of personal style posts (even though those are largely the blogs I read and what I kind of set out to create). I think in a way the personal style aspect of both our blogs has allowed us to reach a bigger audience, because there are so many people who read personal style blogs vs. random rambling blogs (obviously you reach a bigger audience than me, but still). But it's weird, because I go through major phases where I'm just not as bothered about clothes, or anyway would be quite happy to wear the same three dresses for days on end, and I get grouchy when people react less enthusiastically to other types of content.

    ANYWAY, that's about me, but I thought it might also be relevant to you. I like the vintage scans, the out and about posts, and of course the outfits. I'm a bit meh on DIYs as a phenomenon, although your sparkle star clip is the only DIY off a blog I've done to date, for what it's worth.

  23. no for real you are crazy for giving that dress up.

    and post whatever you feel like. your blog is great!


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