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PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Outfit Details:
vintage 1960s cocktail dress: pile sale
vintage snake skin clutch: thrift store
Leopard flats: Dani Black C/O HSN 


So around two years ago I was asked to be a part in a Los Angeles fashion and style book and you better believe I said yes! To make the deal even sweeter, Melissa Magsaysay who is the style editor at the  LA Times would be writing this book (fun fact: Melissa is also a Filipina--holla--with a pretty illustrious family history back in the Philippines).

 The other night there was a release party for it up in LA at the Philip Lim 3.1 store so Grant and I decided to hoof it up there and check things out. Now let's get one thing straight, I don't normally go to fancy fashion events where air kisses and free flowing champagne are the norm  but for the night, it was fun to pretend that we belonged ;-) The event was packed so Grant and I found a secluded little enclave in the store and nibbled on what was essentially fancy chicken and waffle bites and took the whole scene in. My one observation: why do women feel the need to wear 5+ high heels when they literally CAN NOT walk in said heels? Riddle me that, eh?

Anyway, the event was a huge success. Congrats Melissa!

PS: City of Style: Exploring Los Angeles Fashion from Bohemian to Rock available at HERE 
PPS: We saw Russell Brand across the street from this event last night and I got weirdly excited (reason: I never recognize celebrities, ever). Natalie, I thought you'd appreciate this tidbit.


  1. I LOVE that dress!!! And that is so exciting, congrats on the feature!
    Yea...I can walk in heels, but I don't get why you would wear them if you can't.... (I walk better in heels than flats)

  2. That is a beautiful dress and loos beautiful on you..xoxox

  3. sooo pretty in pink:)

  4. very cool!!! that pink dress is so adorable!


  5. Sounds like an awesome event... U look so cute and chic... Love the dress and I love how you paired it up with the leopard ballerinas. what a nice touch!

  6. aha! holla the filipinas!! lol & that's great, congrats on the coverage :D


  7. congrats on the feature! must be exciting :) what exactly are pile sales? is it the same thing as a flea market stand?

  8. This dress looks like something Jackie O would have worn, does it not?? It is lovely on you. That's wonderful about the magazine feature!


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