DIY: Dyed and Glittered Saddle Shoes

 PhotobucketSo here is the DIY I mentioned briefly in my previous post! A long time ago a thrift store near me had a huge stock of unwanted leather dance shoes for some reason so I bought a few pairs. One pair I basically wore out and had to throw away since they were in sorry shape. This pair has been collecting dust in my garage (where I keep my shoes). I couldn't stand looking at them anymore so I thought a DIY was in order. I've always been curious about dying leather and thought this would be the perfect project. Originally, I was just going to dye these shoes but then I thought that a little sparkle never hurt anyone so why not make them sparkley saddle shoes?

Anyway, the DIY is fairly easy but time consuming because of how much drying time there is. It took me a weekend to finish these shoes.


Part 1: Dying the Shoes
1: Assemble your ingredients. I used Terrago  self shine leather dye in Rose (got mine off of Amazon for about $8) and random silver glitter that I had in my craft drawer. Make sure to use large grit/ chunky style glitter. Not the fine stuff!

2-3: Make sure to clean your shoes before you dye them so that there is no dirt or gunk that the dye can adhere to. Once clean and dry, take a cloth or piece or Scotch Brite (random, but was a recommendation from the Terrago directions)  and apply the preparer onto your cloth. Liberally coat your shoes in the preparer. Wait to dry 10 minutes.

4-5: Once the preparer is dry, dip your brush into the dye and tap off excess. Outline any seams or crannies that could be difficult to dye using a sponge. Wait to dry a few minutes.

6-7: Apply your first coat (I did 3 coats in total) using the sponge that comes with the kit. Rub the dye into the leather using a circular motion. Wait to dry 15 minutes.

8-9: Repeat above step for coat 2.

10: Third and final coat should produce an opaque color. If you're not satisfied after three coats you could always do another one.  Let shoes completely dry for 24 hours. They might feel a little tacky to the touch, just let them dry some more if this is the case.

Part 2: Glittering the Shoes

11-12:  Take a container and mix your acrylic glue with a big dose of glitter.

13: Dip your brush into the glitter glue mixture and paint the shape of the saddle onto the shoe. The shoes I was working with already had part of the classic saddle shape stitched onto the shoe which helped. To finish the rest of the shape I just free handed it while looking at a pair of saddles shoes that I already owned (pssst: DIY canvas saddle shoe)

14.  Hold the shoe over a paper plate and carefully sprinkle glitter onto the glue mixture. Sprinkle glitter liberally to get a nice opaque glitter finish. Shake of excess and let dry overnight.

15. Once dry examine the glitter saddle and reapply glitter glue and loose glitter to any patchy spots. Let dry a few hours. **NOT PICTURED: Once shoes are dry, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge on top of the glitter in order to seal it in and ensure that loose glitter doesn't come flying off your shoes when you wear them. Let dry overnight**

16. Whew! Your finished! Definitely took a while but I think the results are worth it. I opted not to add the laces back to my shoes because they fit quite snug on my feet so I don't really need the laces per se. If you're adding the laces back make sure to take extra care that you don't cover up the shoe lace holes with glue, paint, mod podge, etc.

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  1. Aww, these are so cute, I love them! I'm just scared they would keep losing glitter and leaving sparkly bits all over the place hehe

    xo Joana

  2. wow! these turned out amazing! they remind me of the Miu Miu glitter heels


  3. I absolutely love them!! Can you seal them with acrylic sealer??

  4. @ Sasasmina: Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can! I used Mod Podge and that has worked pretty great so far, no rogue sparkles yet... :)

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  6. These look sweet, can't wait to see how you style it. All glitter shoes are fun but the saddle style glitter makes for contrast. They turned out great!

  7. these are SUPER COOL - the best DIY i've seen in a long time! x

  8. you are so crafty haha everytime i try to do a DIY it just fails. i think adding the glitter really made them look a lot fancier.

  9. They look amazing!!
    The best DIY project ever!
    I love the pink dye with the silver glitter!
    Thank you for sharing this amazing tutorial!

  10. It never even occurred to me that you can dye leather yourself. These came out pretty fantastic!

  11. Hi, thank you for sharing. Such a great tutorial! I posted your tutorial on my blog with a link back to your blog, hope it’s ok http://makeitandwearit.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/dazzling-shoes.html
    Please write me if there is a problem makeandwear@gmail.com.

  12. Ashley, your tutorial is fantastic!!!

  13. These are super cool!!!



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