hearts and stripes forever

Outfit Details:
Striped shirt: thrift store
Blue polka dot heart shorts: gift from Grant
vintage sandals: thrift store

I usually feel like a kook wearing red, white, and blue on days that aren't US holidays, so when it IS a US holiday I like to go all out since I figure it's one of the only days out of the year where I can pull of the color combo without looking like too much of a weirdo.

Yesterday's Memorial Day was spent hanging out with Ed,  Deanna , and Grant during the afternoon. We walked (i.e. lurked) around Huntington Beach for the most part. While we were walking around Grant pointed out the pup in the above photos and of course I had to ask for a photo. One of my weaknesses is animals being cradled like they're babies (strange, I know) which meant I nearly imploded at the sight of this guy, Napoleon. Still kicking at 10 years old and doesn't look a day over 6 months, I wonder what sort of puppy fountain of youth this one's been lapping  from.

Anyway, after HB we headed over to our friend Carl's  house for a bbq/ going away party for his sister who got a job as a stewardess for Emirates airline (I know, WHAT?!).  A night filled with tacos, sangria, cookies, pup nuzzling, chicken chasing, and hot tubbing isn't a shabby way to spend an evening.


  1. That dog is over 10 years old....?? Crazy! Clearly youth is easily retained by an impeded use of the legs - ?
    (One of my own weaknesses is fluffy animals, mainly sheep, cats and dogs, so I fully get where you're coming from regarding excitement over this dog!)

  2. This is the best patriotic outfit EVER. You have no idea how refreshing it is to see one in the fashion blogosphere that is actually cute and chic, not overtly cheesy or cringe-worthy. Lol.

    I wish I could have spent the weekend on the beach, especially Huntington Beach, which is my favorite.

    And love that dog!! :)

  3. i love how you've mixed hearts and stripes together, it works so well and looks so effortlessly cool, lovely photos!


  4. That doggy is adorable!!! haha...he's an old man ;)
    And yayyy for your outfit....gotta love red/white and blue ensemblesssss :D

  5. I totally agree about wearing red, white, and blue! Whenever I unintentionally put that color combo together on non-US holidays I always feel like everyone is staring at me and wondering why I'm being so darn patriotic that day, haha! I love your outfit, the heart shorts are perfect! And that dog is totes adorbs! ;)



  6. Red, white, and blue is one of my favorite color combinations. Though I do always throw in another color somewhere as to not look too patriotic. Love your shorts!

  7. Those shorts are the cutes)) I'm thinking about buying a pair of pumps with heart print, and this post almost convinced me that I should)
    And you're looking lovely (as usuall))


  8. I was going to go to the beach on Memorial Day too, but then decided to swim in the pool all day instead, to avoid the mad crowd. I love how vintage California you look in the first photo! What a perfectly worn striped tshirt.

  9. perfect outfit! love those shorts


  10. that dog is the best big cuddly teddy bear! love the shorts!

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