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vintage milk teeths
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Description of Photo
Description of Photo

1970s dress/ vintage floral sundress/ 70s floral sun dress S-M from MILK TEETHS

star crown: DIY

Got back from Oakland last night and had so much fun. It's always great seeing my best girl Masi and her boyfriend Dave (AND their new beagle pup Rocko!). I took a few photos so I'll be sure to post those later in the week. Meantime, here's a few photos of one of my favorite dresses in the shop right now. I really love the little bit of mustard in the floral print, I think it offsets the colors in this dress nicely.

On a separate note, does anyone watch Workaholics because I am obsessesed. I know, old news to most of you but I feel like when it comes to TV shows I can be somewhat of a late adopter. I thought I would hate it but nope. Not the case. Maybe because it reminds me of a few people that I know in real life? Some of the jokes can be a little crass but overall it makes me literally laugh out loud and it takes a lot for me to actually laugh at something.  So yep, I recommend it! 


  1. Very beautiful Ashley! The dress is gorgeous

  2. i've never heard of workaholics, but i will definitely check it out :)
    the sun dress is wonderful


  3. I love the print of that dress, so pretty!!!
    And I've never heard of that show, sounds very interesting

  4. Yes! I love Workaholics..and your sandals :)

  5. love your vintage dress!! so much

  6. awwwh that's such a cute dress!

  7. such a cute headband!!! and dress!


  8. Such a pretty dress! I wish you were still up hear hanging/lounging with us!


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