feel the magic

milk teethes blue dress  milk teeths vintage bomber jacket girl in field milk teeths vintage bomber jacket milk teeths carnival feel the magic

Outfit details:
vintage silk mustard blouse: thrift store
Old Navy jumper
vintage child's bomber jacket: thrift store
purse: thrift store
DIY saddle shoes
coin necklace: thrift store

Firstly, I just wanted to say a humongous thank you to all of the amazing comments on my previous post. Not gonna lie, some of them made me a little teary eyed! It makes me so happy to know that people get a kick out of this blog and appreciate my approach to it. I'm also doubly relieved that I come across as a real person and not some head in the clouds, ~i'm a fAsHiONiStA OKAY!!!~ sort of blogger. It ain't like that over here!

Moreover, I really loved reading YOUR experiences with blogging and it was comforting to find out that many of you have thought those thoughts and have chosen to continue to blog your own way, which is how it should be.

So now back to this post. A few weekends ago Grant mentioned that there was a fish fry/ carnival going on in a nearby town and since I'm not one to turn down an opportunity to mack on some fried fish we decided to go. On our way from the parking lot to the actual carnival we saw this crazy semi truck that I think is used to store a lot of the carnival rides. The "Feel the Magic" mural really needs no comment...just look at it!

Anyway, walked around, Grant took some photos, we shared a fish dinner, things got chilly, still hungry, ate a second dinner, went home, watched Food Network.  Saturday night for ya.


  1. I always liked that jumper on you... love the volume and swish! And how great is that wizard and his age spots?!

  2. love the new layout! its fun to read the comments of soem of your readers from that last post- I havent started the blog I currently have until a couple months ago, and I am so torn about what I want to do still I end up deleting most of my posts :(

  3. oh, and I also have an old navy girls jumper that I love to wear too :)

  4. that jacket is just perfect!!!! love your whole outfit! those shoes go so well!


  5. Ooh, that sounds like so much fun! The mural reminds me of The Last Unicorn for some reason, ha ha... And I love the outfit...I had a knit dress like that but it died, ha ha...

  6. Gorgeous jacket...you look so cute!

  7. Sounds like a good Saturday to me! Haha love the mural


  8. You look so adorable! And I absolutely love your dress and mustard top combo! Great blog redesign too xx

  9. Yum, fried fish! And that truck/mural is so neat. Your blog is definitely one of few fashion blogs I enjoy reading for style AND personality. I really like good outfit posts, too. It's like vicariously owning a sweet vintage wardrobe! Unless I figure out a way to calm my wanderlust and settle down, I'm stuck with repeat travel-friendly outfits.

  10. just read your last post, and gotta say i feel the same way a lot of the time-- although never considered quitting blogging just because i'm so attached to my blog i couldn't really see not doing it. weird.. anyway, yeah i totally know what you mean. seems a lot like bloggers want to be friendly for connections, friends want to be friendly for connections, everyone wants to give you STUFF because it's "cool" or there's just a lot of pressure. sometimes i (we) just want to wear all vintage and wear it how we like, right?! anyway, i love the re-design and love your attitude toward blogging. the best and only thing i am forever grateful for from the blog are the real friendships i have made.

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. amazing jumper!


  12. hello! I saw your blog and I love it! style, your outfits, all! but you already have a follower :) kisses!

  13. the painting on that van is ridiculously amazing.
    and i love the simplicity in your outfit.


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