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Mason Dixon store Pomona
John Mihovetz Mason Dixon

Over the weekend I had a vintage appointment in Upland that turned out to be quite successful (hint: there will be TONS of never worn, new old stock PETER PAN COLLAR DRESSES!!  -caps necessary- in the shop soon, so get excited!) and since we were in the area we decided to swing by our pal John's warehouse/ shop The Mason Dixon!

I've been wanting to check out his place for what seems like forever and I am so glad that we had the time to drop by. John specializes in two things: 1. hand crafting beautiful furniture out of salvaged wood, all of those swell little tables in these shots are of his doing, 2. scouring the US for unique, one of a kind,  vintage finds! Similar to what they do on American Pickers (side note, we were talking about the show since all three of us are fans and John verified my suspicions that they totally do not disclose what they really sell the items for, "picked for $50, I'm going to ask $75" yeah righttt).

Anyway, he was telling us all sorts of great stories about heading out with a few of his friends and driving through random states while picking up vintage treasures. Sounds like the greatest job ever if you ask me.

When we visited John was saying how the store had been pretty much cleaned out and that there is usually a lot more in the shop. I can only imagine what the full shop looks like! Aside from doing custom orders for his furniture he also gets a lot of decorators hitting him up for pieces and I can totally see why. The mix of industrial, mid century, antique, and salvage is such a great look and I think it works really nicely all together.

All in all, if you're ever in Pomona you should come check out his space. Currently, visiting the shop is by appointment only OR you can scope out some of his pieces on Etsy at The Mason Dixon 

Thanks for having us over, John!


  1. cant wait to see all the goodies you found! you have really awesome taste.
    the pictures of his shop looks so cool! i would feel super inspired browsing around there.

    great post, love the new blog layout!


  2. Oh my heavens!! That place is amazing!!!! I love love love vintage signs like that... *dies*

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  4. i kind of want every single thing pictured..

  5. I always wondered about american pickers! so are their actual prices are way higher, right?

    1. Yes! WAY higher! I guess they do it so they don't seem like jerks for buying something for relatively cheap and reselling for a lot more. I also heard that the price that they agree on isn't the actual price they pay. They might say on camera that they will pay $150 for something when they are actually going to pay like $500 (off camera).

  6. the vintage shopping is great in upland. i work right near there. not a lot of people know about it (it's mostly older people around there) so it isn't picked clean like other places. :) excited to see what you found! and, and, your friend's place seems so cool. is it near 2nd street (around the glass house and wine bar)?

    1. It was right by the Fox Theater and La Bomba!

  7. Great photos! Your friend's shop is beautiful. Great pieces and such a great space...I love all the exposed brick walls.

  8. What a cool shop! Everything looks like it's well curated and in good condition. I especially love the cactus thingy (sign? sculpture? can't think of the right word)!


  9. Oh man, I would love some of this stuff. That cactus is freaking amazing.

  10. wow, his store is awesome. I've been patiently looking for a vintage us flag (or ca flag) to hang in my place so that flag totally caught my eye. never heard of american pickers, will need to watch it! and I constantly think about road-tripping and stopping by every antique, vintage, thrift stores on the way. it seems like such a fun summer thing to do!

  11. Wow what an amazing shop!! So cool.

  12. Looking forward to the new additions! I'm in the market for a lovely summer dress.

  13. He looks so familiar to me for some reason. Seems like a really great space and of course, I always love finding out about new etsy shops. :)

  14. my favorite places to visit :) This post makes me feel so happy! Your whole blog and it's new layout are wonderful, Ashley :)

    I'm glad we are friends!

    love, polly :D

  15. this is seriously great. i would live there.


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