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I was reading the latest National Geographic today and there was a small article on how, starting this year, cursive will not be taught to elementary school children in the US. Instead focus will shift onto improving typing proficiency and what not. Isn't that crazy? Cursive is going the way of the dodo. Seems like in a generation writing cursive will be on par with writing calligraphy.

The article mentioned that a poll was conducted and around 80% of elementary school teachers reported that they did not feel like they could adequately teach cursive. It made me remember being in elementary school and competing (well not really competing, it was mandatory) in a monthly penmanship competition. Whoever won in each classroom got a new pencil. Thrilling, right? Too bad I never once won a pencil. Hate to perpetuate stereotypes but one that persists and that I wish were true in my case is the little ditty about asian people having  OMGamazing handwriting. If only! My handwriting is embarrassingly juvenile looking. Very uneven with little uniformity. I write neatest in all caps which, suffice to say, means that I write in all caps most of the time. My signature is another atrocity. To this day I try to practice my signature to make it look nicer but I swear it only gets worse with age -_______-

With this being said, I always notice whenever someone has really nice handwriting. "Wow, your handwriting could be a font!" is my version of high praise. Oh and another thing, whenever they show a closeup of someone writing something down in a movie....UGH, SO GOOD. I just love it. Especially when there's like that writing noise that goes along with it...


  1. That is so weird!!! I remember learning cursive too and to this day I still write half cursive half regular, ha ha...
    Loving your skirt by the way, so fun! :)

  2. lovely outfit!!

  3. That's horrifying to me! As a graphic designer, I think I take having good handwriting for granted—because I use my own hand lettering in a lot of the things I do. I am currently trying to teach myself calligraphy and brush writing. It's crazy to think that in a generation, graphic designers and visual artists will have to TEACH THEMSELVES cursive! what?!

    Haha! And not going to lie—I was one of those elementary school kids with stupidly good handwriting. But that's partially because I was crazy and based my self-worth on my ability to copy letters.

    Lovely outfit as usual. Tied summer shirts make me happy!

  4. This look is so fun! Those roosters rock. I used to win handwriting awards in school, but now I mostly print, and trying to write in cursive kind of drives me crazy because I don't do it often. I always mess up the number of humps in a lowercase m. Capital Qs are also really annoying.

    1. Me too! And don't get my started on trying to write out a cursive Z!

  5. I'm homeschooling my two boys and cursive is part of the curriculum we use but I think I'm going to hold off until their regular handwriting is perfect. Once they learn though I'm planning on making it mandatory for them to write only in cursive when doing their schoolwork. I don't know how schools here usually do it but where I grew up (in Belgium) that was the way it was in elementary school.

    haha...my husband is half Filipino half Irish, his handwriting is awful but his signature is absolutely gorgeous :)


  6. thats crazy about cursive. i still feel like i dont fully know it because after it was taught we never had to use the skill.

    i love this skirt so much. my boyfriends grandpa owned a rooster trading company back in the early 1900's so we have rooster/chicken vintage vases and pictures around our house :) hed prob die over the skirt!

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  7. That is so sad. I worked very hard on my penmanship; writing in cursive is more natural to me than writing in print!

  8. love the mix of prints! so sad to hear about the ending of cursive!


  9. love your little bow!!!


  10. Your skirt takes my love for animal prints to a whole other level!
    And you know, I definitely remember those penmanship competitions. Or the seemingly endless lessons in my copy cat workbook. It almost feels like cursive has been missing for a while though since I haven't been told to use it since elementary school. So sad to see it go completely!

  11. That skirt is so rad!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    If I wasn't buying the really amazing 60s pleated drop waist dress from your store, it would probably be that skirt that I would have shipped to my house.

    Thank you for wicked taste and a very fairly-priced etsy!


  12. I didn't realise that Asian people were meant to have nice handwriting. Maybe it's just Asian Americans, since I certainly don't! I've found that older generation French people tend to have lovely handwriting as they had to write that way in school. We never did in the UK.

  13. that is such awful news. I loved my cursive lesson in elementary school. we use to watch a video that would compare a cursive letter to an item like the letter B was a butterfly. can't believe kids will no longer learn cursive..

  14. I cannot believe they're getting rid of cursive in elementary schools! That's just crazy to me, haha. And sad!

  15. amazing outfit. I just love the boots. They make me want to go back to prairie days now. . .granted I was never there to begin with.


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