milk teeths vintage style
vintage velvet ribbon
Description of Photo
mixed prints

Outfit Details:
70s plaid crop top: thrift store
vintage striped skirt: thrift store
vintage velvet ribbon pin: DIY
suede oxfords: thrift store

A simple outfit from a few weeks ago that I forgot about. One of my favorite "styling tricks" is mixing prints. Whenever I feel like I'm wearing a boring outfit I try to add some sort of clashing element. Nothing too crazy, though, I like to keep pieces in the same general color palette so I don't look like too much of a freak.

On Thursday I'm going up to Oakland to visit my best friend Masi and I'm so excited. I used to visit more when she was up at Berkeley and I was at community college (let's face it, taking a few days off at OCC wasn't gonna hurt anyones GPA). When I transferred schools my work load quadrupled and I had to kiss fun weekend visits goodbye. WELL, NOT ANYMORE! So excited to get our grub on, our lurk on (obvi), and our laugh on! So yeah, something to look forward to this week.


  1. i love the mixed patterns! so cute!


  2. love the detail of the top! where did you end up transferring? have fun in nocal!


  3. Great mix of patterns! That is one thing I am horrible at! I can never figure out how to do it, lol!


  4. I love to mix prints and also colors that aren't "supposed" to go together. I probably do end up looking like a freak sometimes-haha-but lucky for me I'm past the age when people care about stuff like that. ;)

    I think the length of the skirt and the silhouette in general is very nice on you! One of these days I'm just gonna cave and join zipcar so I can drive out to the decent thrift stores.

  5. lovely color palette. have fun catching up with your friend!


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