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Outfit Details:
vintage Hulk Hogan t shirt (made into a tank): thrift store
vintage white button down skirt: borrowed from the shop
red sandals: BC

A few posts ago I mentioned how there was an Orange County blogger meet up and how LuLu*s was one of our partners. WELL at the event they had a little wheel that you could spin in order to win coupons/ gift cards/ items of clothing and I won a $10 gift card one and was hyped because I had had my eye (eh?) on these sunglasses ever since I saw Ashley from Fancy Fine sporting them. Luckily for me they cost $9 so hooray for that.

I remember reading somewhere about how sunglasses are the worst expensive purchase that you can make because they so easily get lost, scratched, and or broken. It reminded me of when I was in middle school I had THE sweetest pair of Roxy sunglasses. Some of my relatives from out of town came to visit and they took me to the mall and let me pick out something for special for myself. After weighting my options (did I want some platform sandals from Steve Madden? A new Dickies messenger bag? Maybe a tower of TRUE COLORS eyeshadow?) I dragged them to the Roxy store and pointed out a pair of "funky" "retro" sunglasses that I was sure would make me the edgiest most fashion forward fashionista/taste maker in all of 8th grade. They were these oval shaped black sunglasses encrusted with pearls and rhinestones. Pretty freakin classy, no? I was on cloud nine.

Well, fast forward to a few months later to when I accidentally sat on my denim baby Dickies messenger bag totally snapping my sunglasses in half. Saying that I was devastated is an understatement. I was wrecked. My look? Totally destroyed. 

Obviously many years have passed since then but that horrible feeling of ruining something so frivolously expensive has always stuck with me. 

Question: have you ever broken something stupidly expensive?


  1. Stunning outfit! I love the glasses and shoes.


  2. I own a very nice collection (well, just 5 pairs) of Marc Jacobs sunglasses. They're my babies, I've had the oldest pair for a little over two years now and the newest I got two months ago. So far there have been no mishaps, and of course I try to be very careful with them since they were an investment, but that's like my one real indulgence, since I usually buy clothes either at thrift stores or off the clearance rack.

    Anyway, excuse the tangent, I can't remember the last time I broke something really expensive, but I did recently indulge in what I thought was an awesome Calvin Klein dress (not break-the-bank expensive, but more than I normally spend on one item) and it ended up being too big. :( And it was really nice fabric that I was scared to try and alter, ruining it would have been even worse than having to give it away.

  3. Really digging the outfit, especially the color of the sunglasses with your sandals.

  4. Pretty sunnies!

    Happy fresh week, my dear!

  5. I think the most panicked I felt about breaking something was when I carelessly dropped my DSLR camera lens in Prague. My heart just sank! P.S. Your sunnies are adorable and I'm loving the entire get-up, Ashley!

  6. I think it's silly to spend a lot of money on MOST clothing/accessories—because when I do, I'm stupidly careful when I wear the stuff and that takes a lot of fun out of life, specially in the summertime. so I am with you 100%.

    Cute summery casual outfit. I have been loving longer hemlines lately.

  7. Oh wow your sunglasses story is eerily similar to mine from a few years ago.

    After 20-some years of searching for the perfect pair, I finally found one that looked fabulous on me. Like, I wore them all the time. I adored them. They were retro looking, like yours, and so bad ass. I always looked like a movie star in them.

    My bff at the time asked to borrow them. I was very hesitant and she kept insisting "I'll take good care of them, I swear! I know how much yoou love them!" Well, later that night she got super drunk and her glasses fell off her face. Some drunk dancing girl next to her stepped on them, smashing them to pieces. I was beyond horrified. It was really traumatic for me.

    My bff just laughed off the incident, not understanding the significance of what had happened. I've been trying for the past three years to find a similar pair, to no avail, obviously. :(

    It's so sad.

  8. i so love your top! so comfy <3 you look so cute!!

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  9. Cute sunglasses Ashley! Congrats on your Lulu's win ;) I agree with you: sunglasses can be so expensive and I always worry about breaking them. Sometimes my $10 sunnies look even better! Great outfit btw <3

    XoXo, Kimberly


  10. my oh my.
    this outfit is definitely one my favorites.
    Oh and I got those sandals in tan and I love em, wear em errday!

  11. This whole outfit is so charming but I SERIOUSLY LOVE/NEED THOSE SUNGLASSES.

  12. I really love your skirt!
    I know the feeling... I've broken more ipods than I'd like to admit.

  13. I break everything nice I have ever owned. Technology, accessories, etc. Oh, a splurge on a new white dress... coffee explosion. When I get something new, my brother, boyfriend, or really whoever knows me says "Don't Hannah it". So, I totally feel you on you roxy sunnies! These Lulu*s ones are so pretty though! A 10 dollars well spent I'd say!

  14. love this whole outfit so much!!!!! i've been trying to find a good vintage hulk shirt for my hubby! must keep looking!


  15. You look so cool! I bet you suit all styles of sunglasses with your lovely symmetrical face!

    I actually spent £130 on a pair of RETROSUPERFUTURE 'Lucia' sunglasses last summer. It has probably been my most expensive purchase to date but so worth it as I was obsessed with them and the obsession just wouldn't go away. I find the add an edge to any outfit without making me feel self-conscious. As for losses, I was devastated when I was hit by a big wave in the sea in Spain and a pair of beautiful 1940s sunglasses were washed clean off my face and lost forever :'-(

  16. awesome tee and your so right about sunglasses. i have a vintage pair that i rarely wear in fear that i lose them.

  17. your top is a freaking dream! i agree about sunnies... but i usually thrift really cool ones that i get way too attached to so im extra careful. for some reason, i am more careful with cool vintage than with something really expensive.. :)

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  18. oh the colors! and that top! for real girl. amazing.

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