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Outfit Details:
vintage blouse: thrift store
vintage skirt: thrift store
70s leather penny loafers (came with pennies!) thrift store
socks: Happy Socks via Madewell

About a week ago we had some weird weather in Southern California. Muggy, hot, overcast, and rainy--it totally reminded me of NYC in August. I was going to head out the door sans socks but since it was so ugly and gray out I figured a pair of bright socks would be a nice touch.

On a different note, I'm in July's issue of Candy Magazine! I remember totally flipping through this mag when I was in the Philippines (and seeing it everywhere, in fact). Such a nice treat to be included in this little blogger feature :)

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  1. Cute outfit Ashley! And a big CONGRATS on your Candy Magazine feature! :D

    XoXo, Kimberly


  2. To be cast aside such great bloggers, I'd die (of happiness and pride). You truly deserve it as your blog is definitely one of my favourites!

    I love the Americana feel to this outfit, very 60s.

  3. Love the socks! Such a groovy (yes, I used groovy) touch. :)

    Step into Estherina's World

  4. I agree that weather in Southern California has been insane. I just came back from London where the weather was terrible, so I'm afraid I brought it with me hehe. I love your little teal socks, it adds such a nice touch to the whole outfit x

  5. Congrats on the feature!! :D And I looove your blouse, such a great print :D

  6. That is so exciting about your feature! I'm also excited about that skirt, it is fabulous with those socks!

  7. This outfit is so cute!!! I like the socks with the shoes with that skirt!!! hehe.

  8. Those penny loafers are perfect. I mean, I've been looking for ages for the perfect pair of loafers and here they are!
    Also, congratulations for the feature on the magazine!
    Life is a romantic poem

  9. I love the socks!! sweetness

  10. super cute socks! they add such a cheerful touch to your outfit. :O) also (randomly), i love your haircut! mine's way down my back at this point, but if it would look as cute as yours does at shoulder length, i'd cut it in a heartbeat!


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