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Outfit Details:
vintage southwestern print shirt: pile sale
vintage chambray skirt: pile sale
vintage shopper bag: thrift store
Worishofer Ankle Strap Sandals: Amazon

A few thoughts:

I'm really particular about footwear, I've said it once and I'll say it again: I just can't with uncomfortable shoes. Call me boring but I like a sensible heel height (if there is a heel at all) and plenty of arch support.  Awhile ago I found a pair of vintage ankle strap sandals and at first I was like YESSS since I found such a great pair but then NOOOO because I thought there was no way that I could find a similar pair ever again, at least not for a decent price.

After regularly trolling Etsy and Ebay (as well as looking at online stores) for "ankle strap sandal size 8.5" I found my holy grail of sandals on Amazon. They really remind me of the pair that I love so much (the brand name wore off so I'll never know if they are the same brand but they're pretty similar) and honestly, I think I've found my sandal brand for life. I guess the company, Worishofer which is German, has been around for a while and I can see why. These sandals are freakishly light weight, well made, and ridiculously comfortable. No but for real they are. A lot of the reviews around the web called them "grandma sandals" and I suppose that's an apt description but it's one that is totally fine by me. Word to the wise order a size up. These sandals have a ridge at the toe and on some people it hits them weird causing the sandals to fit funny. I ordered a 9 and think that they fit perfectly.

Anyway, I don't normally do specific fashion recommendations on this blog but I whole heartedly recommend this brand (and yes this is my own opinion, I wasn't sent these and I don't have an Amazon affiliate link account, ahem). I just wanted to share something that I thought other people might like too.

Secondly, I got my bangs cut to just above my eyebrow and at first I was feeling them, getting major Cleopatra vibes and whatnot on the first day. But uhh now? I'm thinking they look more like Jim Carrey a la Dumb and Dumber so I'ma be pinning these back until they grow in some more. Sigh. Hair cutter's remorse is the worst!


  1. love the shirt!!

  2. I am in love with your shoes and bag! the whole outfit is beautiful - as usual!


  3. This look is amazing! Love every piece. And I am so with you on comfortable shoes...I buy plenty of heels, but they never get much use! And I get so annoyed by uncomfortable flats, I mean really, is it that hard to make them foot friendly?

  4. I love the sandals too! Grandma sandals for the win. :)

    Step into Estherina's World

  5. I've had issues with shoes too. I hate when I get blisters or corns or something just because of a pair of shoes. They should all be comfortable, not just pretty!! This is a very sweet outfit!!

  6. Ooh those do look quite comfy!! But I am obsessed with your bag! It's so cool! :)
    Blegh, I hate when haircuts go wrong, ha ha...

  7. you are so cute! your vintage style is so adorable :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  8. I love the sandals! And poo to the naysayers (or the "grandma shoe" sayers). Who doesn't like comfortable footwear? No one.
    And your bangs will grow back in no time! I'm convinced that's the part of your hair that grows the quickest.

  9. I love that chambray skirt!And grandmas know what's up in the comfortable shoe department

  10. really love the pattern on your shirt and beautiful lighting in the photos!


  11. Ah! I just watched Dumb and Dumber last night, forgot how totally amazing it is! and I bet you look lovely with your fringe out.

  12. yay worishofer love! adore this outfit!

  13. Loving the recommendation, I'm the same way about shoes. Also, they'll grow in and get a little shaggy and you might change your mind. However, in January I did the bangs thing too and am still regretting that (crossing fingers that you don't hate it for so long!)

  14. those sandals are all the rage around these parts. i was wondering what brand it was, thanks for the recommendation.


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