santa catalina island

Outfit Details:
vintage blouse: pile sale
orange shorts: C/O Shop Akira
sunglasses: Asos
vintage  leather purse: thrift store
Worishofer sandals: Amazon

Hello! Over the weekend Grant and I along with our friend Kevin motored over to Catalina Island to help celebrate Ed's birthday--the big 4-0! We took the Catalina Express (does anyone else get the Catalina Express theme song stuck in their head? Just me?) from Long Beach to Avalon on Saturday and let me just say that the day was so great, perfect weather with lots of sunshine.

Anyway, as per usual we rented a boat and did some 'splorin around the island. I guess there have been some shark sightings off of Catalina recently, the most insane one being a stand up paddle boarder's board getting CHOMPED on in May. Right by a beach we normally picnic at too. Sooo obviously I was little uneasy about getting in the water but it was fine. The boys jumped off of Frog Rock a few times while Deanna and I looked on in horror. Lots of snorkeling was done. I'm not a strong swimmer so I strapped on a life jacket and timidly paddled around. I did see some baby rays, girabaldi, little fish, and a few leopard sharks. We also saw two bald eagles flying around, a sea lion, but sadly no dolphins.

One of my favorite parts of Catalina is the architecture. It makes me wistful for old California, mission revival style. That plus the amazing mermaid/ oceanic art deco murals outside of the casino which is now a movie theater.  Another thing I love about the island is all of the tile work throughout the island. Catalina tile is so pretty and colorful. I'd like to think that If I ever took on an expensive hobby it would be to collect Catalina tile but that stuff's crazy expensive. Broken shards of tile sell for like $100+ on Ebay :-/

Pro tip: You can go to Catalina free on your birthday so maybe, fingers crossed, we can go back in September  ;-)


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous! So glad you shared :)

  2. I think your hair looks great! Awesome top.

  3. ed Templeton - an old champion

  4. I am absolutely loving your outfit. So 60s and adorable! Especially the sunglasses. Gah, you're so beautiful.

  5. looks like loads of fun! love your photo diary!!!


  6. First, love the outfit! And second, wow that sounds so amazing!!! I would be terrified of shark sightings though, ha ha... but all the other sea creatures would be fine ;) I wish we had nice beaches like that here...ours are murky and gross, but at least there are beaches ;)

  7. These pictures are so beautiful! I would love to visit there, I miss the water so much! The architecture looks awesome too.

  8. Catalina is beautiful! I love your travel photos btw..

  9. looks beautiful!! gahh sharks freak me out so much.

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  10. Free on your birthday!! Thanks for the tip! Also, your outfit is totally cool and perfect for Catalina.

  11. Love those sunglasses! Whenever I hear the name Catalina it makes me think of being 14 or 15 and listening to Descendents' Catalina and just being up to no good--haha. Good times. You guys look like you had lots of fun. :)

  12. a)ok, how CUTE are you!? this outfit reminds exactly of old photos of my grandma when she was a young fashionable babe

    b) I cannot believe you proceeded to recreate in shark infested waters. holy crap. I would fureak out. we went snorkeling in japan and ryan got bit by an angry little puffer fish and I almost started crying...the water...was....3 feet deep....yup.

    c) this makes me want to sea kayak so bad!

  13. Awesome glasses! Love your outfit. Beautiful you, beautiful photos, and beautiful place. How awesome!

  14. i grew up in orange county, so we used to go to catalina a lot. such happy memories. i absolutely LOVE your top, shorts, and those sandals. i think i need a pair.

  15. i've never been to catalina! you look so resorty and i really love the short bangs on you! you should really consider the mia farrow hair.

  16. OMG chica you look amazing! Love your sunnies and your hair.

  17. Your outfit is too cute! Such lovely, lovely pictures and I've decided to begin the hunt for a yellow car like that one for my first car!

    x Aliya

  18. hey just discovered your blog and love your style! and ahh ed templeton!


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