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Tahina sandal (made by Nebo!) courtesy of Sseko 
1970s vintage sundress: borrowed from the shop

From time to time I get e-mails from companies asking if I would like to help promote their brand or product. Usually I think about it for a bit, weigh the pros and cons (Is this something that I would even pick out for myself? Would I be a total phony if I supported this brand? Will this go against my personal aesthetic and confuse people who read this blog??), and come to a decision.

Sometimes I luck out and cool companies with one eye on fashion and another on social consciousness reach out. These are my favorite types of collaborations. These e-mails always get a resounding, "Yes! I'd love to help".

Enter Sseko (pronounced say-ko), a fashion startup whose focus is in aiding Ugandan women by providing sustainable, fair wage employment in exchange for creating beautifully well made leather footwear and handbags. Even better, the company has an amazing program that gives young women who are out of high school the opportunity to enter a 9 month work contract and in exchange Sseko provides them with a full college education. Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, about the sandals: they're great! What's so special about them is that you can customize how you tie the straps. There are tons of different ways that you can tie them, from gladiator to slip on style. I opted to do the "classic" lace up (aka the easiest way to tie them) but making them into braided slip on sandals sounds good too.

BONUS: For the month of August you can get 15% off any style using the code "MilkTeeths30"

DOUBLE BONUS: I was cruising the site and found a photo of Nebo, the gal who made the sandals that I received. She is in the work program, making money for college. You go Nebo!


  1. that dress is beautiful. and those shoes are inspired. i love them.


  2. I LOVE Sseko! I've been a fan since they contacted me last Summer, they're so awesome :D

  3. Cute sandals Ashley! And that's awesome for Nebo! ;)

    XoXo, Kimberly


  4. I've heard of them before, and will be giving them some serious consideration now. I'm also pretty charmed by seeing all those girls and their big smiles... it's definitely nice to know that a purchase could be doing a real person some good.

  5. I just checked out the site, and I think I may have to get myself a pair! I love how versatile the shoes are and with them supporting such a good cause it is even better!

  6. That organization sounds incredible. I love hearing heart-warming stories like those. And those sandals are beautiful!

  7. you go, glen coco! :) those sandals are pretty. i need some new ones.

  8. so cute!!!


  9. sseko is definitely a brand worth getting behind! i'm so glad you highlighted them. and your dress is beautiful! the multicolored piping makes it so special.

  10. Wow, not only are these sandals beautiful and interesting, but that is such a fantastic brand to support and I'm so glad you introduced me them. In addition, you this dress looks stunning on you!

  11. I get emails from companies and I usually don't respond if they are clothes that have nothing to do with my style at all. I even had a maternity clothing company contact me. . .um, I'm not pregnant, nor look it. I think so many of them find me but don't actually look at my blog.

    THIS one that you mention would be amazing to work with and I love what they stand for. I had no idea of them and that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reminds me a little like Toms. You look beautiful in this dress.


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