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Outfit Details:
floral mini dress: thrift store
army button up worn as a jacket: courtesy of BB Dakota
vintage lace up boots: thrift store 
not pictures: bike shorts, because obviously. 

I think the only trend that I truly like that came out of the '90s are mini dresses. The shape, however, I'm particular about. I like the kind that are fitted at the bust and have some sort of empire waist.

Trends from the 9s0 that should die: denim  mom jeans. I'm not sure if people wear them to be ironic or funny but when there's a foot long zipper going up the front of your pants it makes it look like you've got a fupa that wont quit.  It's bad. 

If anyone has any other trends that they hate with a fiery passion and would like to add to the mix feel free to comment ;-)


  1. I love that dress on you! Be careful of wind though ;) (I'm like you, I wear bike shorts under dresses and skirts too, he he)

  2. Doc Martins, they just look so dated and they make your feet look huge, like leather moon shoes.

  3. I am a little bit afraid to say that I hate something, maybe I would say the trend with really pointy shoes during the early 2000. ut maybe I will start to like them again in about 20 yers or so? Then again, I think not.

  4. stone wash denim. Don't care what they say...it's fugly!

    You on the otherhand are the complete opposite of fugly.

  5. Here are my "never okay to wear" trends.

    Shirts with a hood (unless its a hoodie, it shouldn't have a hood)
    Wearing an undershirt pulled down so that it's showing from beneath your other shirt
    Boot cut denim
    Bedazzled anything

    1. omg I laughed out loud at "Wearing an undershirt pulled down so that it's showing from beneath your other shirt" because I swear to you that was THE LOOK at my high school circa 2005-2006. So guilty of it back then. I'd buy those Hanes wife beater packs at Target and go to town layering them with all my shirts. Ahh high school ;-)

  6. I never liked mom jeans! It's totally unflattering on everyone.

    And can I throw Litas into the mix of un-liked trends. (UNPOPULAR OPINION I KNOW BUT IDC!)



  7. I see a lot of kids wearing 90s things that weren't cool the first time around. It's funny when it's a decade you're old enough to remember. It makes me wonder if baby boomers are laughing at people trying to do the 60s and 70s right and failing miserably.

  8. There are so many fashion related things that I hate about the 90s, the list would be endless. However, one piece of clothing I can remember that summed up my 90s experience was my powder blue, crushed velvet button-up. Looking back, it was a horrible monstrosity of a shirt, but I thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I'm still obsessed with velvety things to this day, and I'm pretty sure it stems from that shirt.


  9. i had a pleather red snakeskin jacket-and-skirt combo that i wore with sparkly tights and thought was literally the most sophisticated thing in the world. more 00s than 90s but still a horror worth mentioning. you, however, look adorable! xx

  10. OMG this made me crack up so hard. Mom jean fupa.
    90s trends that should never come back:
    denim overalls
    those plastic butterfly clips for your hair
    boy bands (I'm looking at you, One Direction)

    I like your 90s floral dress though, it is adorable!

  11. Aaah no...I for one LOVE the 90's! (not the things you mentioned though!)
    I can't get enough of a cute 40's or button down floral dress paired with some Doc's! I would be over the moon to receive Janeane Garofalo's whole wardrobe from in reality bites! oh well...I guess that's just me :/

  12. Haha :D I like '90s highwaisted jeans, and I'm glad they're back. It's actually hard for me to mention something of the 90s that I don't like (maybe because I'm a '90s kid). Oooh yeah, I completely forgot those high cut swimming costumes, à la Baywatch. Ugh.
    This dress looks beautiful on you and I actually love the whole look, florals+military is the coolest thing in this world.

  13. i LOVEEEE those boots with all my vintage loving heart

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