Bits and Pieces from the LA Vintage Expo


Outfit Details:
vintage 1960s knit jacket: thrift store
Morrissey shirt: a gift from Grant
Current/ Elliott high waist skinny jeans: Courtesy of Joie
Sam Edelman booties: thrift store

As promised, photos from what Beatrice and I were up to when I came and visited her up in LA last weekend! I had read that the vintage expo would be in town so naturally we made sure to check it out. This was my first time at a vintage expo and it was definitely cool to see the amazing stock from all of the different stores and dealers. Of course everything that remotely caught my eye was pretty pricey, which I expected, BUT all was not lost because we found a a vendor who had a huge $3 box of vintage scarves and kerchiefs and we both managed to find some treasures (like a silk 1970s Dianne Von Furstenberg floral kerchief, score!). For me, it was great just to be able to examine the clothing and really study the small details of older pieces. Being able to touch and interact with quality vintage clothing helps me with being able to better accurately date items for my own store. It's all in the feel of the fabric and the seemingly inconsequential things like types of stitching or what sort of closures (nylon zipper vs. metal zipper vs. snap closures etc.) are being used. Anyway, even thought I didn't get a lot the expo was super informative. I hope they come around again soon!

PS: 15% off everything in the shop RIGHT NOW! Sale expires 11 PM PST.  Happy Halloween!

BONUS: Didn't Beatrice look great?!


  1. ohemgee that dress with the tie! thatdresswiththetie!!

  2. Amazing pieces. Great post and thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh I love that dress with the little tie. :)

  4. Ahh that yellow jacket with the Pecos detailing is amazing. I would love to learn more about dating vintage as well- you can really only read so much online! As you said, feeling and examining pieces up close is the best way!
    Happy Halloween
    xo Hannah

  5. Aaaaaah this is dreamy ! I love these little events in Paris too

    See U !

  6. Love Beatrice's look! Those expo's are usually quite expensive but it was smart of you to think of it as a time for learning, I hadn't thought of it like that! You look sweet as always and that embroidered skirt in the last post is gorgeous! Don't think I haven't noticed the ones you have in the shop! ;)

  7. Very cute! I like the picture where you are laughing because you can see that it is so genuine! Lovely as always..


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