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Description of Photo

Outfit details:
button back blouse: thrift store
yellow shorts: TJ Maxx

So I got a haircut! For a second I was flirting with the idea of growing my hair out again but meh, I thought it looked limp and terrible and I became too lazy to wait for it to get past that stage. I (stupidly) asked for layers with my last haircut which was a good idea for like a week. Lesson learned: single length is the way to go.

Oh and about the lack of outfit posts: Southern California has been experiencing a murderously hot heat wave these past weeks and when it gets really hot out I absolutely do not care about what I'm wearing. It's all sort of boring anyway. It's either a light weight, non-fussy sundress or shorts and a blouse--not anything to go home and blog about y'know?


  1. Woohoo for haircuts :) And I love the back of that blouse, so cool! :D

  2. Haha, I have this same problem since I cut my hair short. It gets to a certain point, looks weird, and I just cut it. Thus thwarting any ideas I had about growing it out. Yours looks great, I love the blunt cut and I have serious bangs envy!

  3. love your hair! that the best look for you!!!


  4. i love your hair. i agree. i like my hair one length also. no layers here! x


  5. You are LOVELY ! Your simple outfits are the best

    See U !

  6. Love the hair it looks great! Mine is at a weird length too and I was thinking about getting it cut this week as well. I will definitely keep in mind the one-length advice! My only real need is being able to put it in a ponytail, or else it is very likely that I will go crazy!
    Hope you're having a beautiful day!
    xo Hannah

  7. Absolutely loveee your new hair - it reminds me of Kiko Mizuhara! ^^

  8. ahhh it reminds me of her too. i love love Kiko! :) and i've always wanted that cut but my hair is too big and boufy short. looks great, ash!
    Sometimes Almost Always

  9. This new haircut really suits you. I remember feeling a little sad when you chopped your long hair for the first time but now I prefer your hair like this, you really look gorgeous <3

  10. ooh, i love the line in the back of your hair. now i'm thinking it's time for me to do a little chop, too! so cute at this length!


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