show time


I actually didn't get a chance to snap any photos from the actual opening (too busy having fun!), but I did take photos of Grant and some friends helping to set up the show. The show was at our friend Sarah's shop (who she runs with an awesome gal named Erica) in San Francisco called Establish.

The show had a great turn out and it was fun to take it all in! I think it goes without saying that I was so proud of Grant and I look forward to setting up many more photography shows with him. To check out his work be sure to visit his blog and tumblr ;-) He shoots almost exclusively with film cameras and, as a fun fact, printed all of the black and white photos for the show by hand in a friend's darkroom.  He is a true street photographer, all his images were taken while he was out and about as opposed to being staged and set up. He also has a gift for funny captions so if you visit his blog be sure to read some of that text! 

Oh and before I forget, a little bit about the shop: Establish is in the sunset part of San Francisco and they have a really eclectic assortment of wares. Cozy lounge ware,  fun vintage knickknacks (I wanted all of those brass animals), succulents and air plants, art, beautiful hand made jewelry...I could go on and on. Definitely worth checking out if you're up in Northern California. 


  1. Looks like so much fun! Hope Grant's vernissage went great and that you at least got one brass animal (love them to!)?

  2. Looks like a great place!! Those rings are GORgeous! *__*


  3. Love the rings and the unicorns)) Such a pretty bunch of pictures!))


  4. So awesome! Looks like an amazing space and I love Grant's work.


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