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Description of Photo
Description of Photo

striped blouse: thrift store
Pilcro stet jeans: on sale at Anthropologie (Black Friday hollaaa)
vintage leather lace up boots: thrift store

Me right now:

Debating on whether or not to make mini apple crisps later but I'm feeling lazy.

As a byproduct of said laziness I made a bowl of guacamole as a sad sort of dinner. Too tired to cook anything properly and driving the four blocks to Del Taco (yeah, I know) seemed impossible. I added a single clove of raw garlic to my little bowl of guac. In retrospect, I should have added like half of a clove because I've got a serious case of dragon's breath and it's killing me right now. To add insult to injury, googling "how to get rid of garlic breath" tells me that I should drink some milk. There is no milk in this house.

Happy Monday!


  1. Super awesome outfit! I love the striped shirt, and those jeans are pretty amazing! Also, whenever I eat something stinky, I try to counteract it by eating something sugary. I feel like the sugar will mask the stink, although that has not been scientifically verified. I figure even if my breath smells like a garlic flavored cupcake, at least it gave me a reason to eat that cupcake!


  2. You look lovely; I love how masculine the look is but somehow you are pretty enough to make it feminine :)


  3. i made guacamole for dinner allll the time. it is kind sad but at least it's tasty.

  4. I love the striped top, cream and blue together always give me a peaceful, beachy vibe. I was seriously JUST pondering what I could do with my one avocado for dinner. I will keep the garlic amount in mind, though the only date I have tonight after work is with my sewing machine, and I don't think she'll care :)


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