california winter

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Outfit Details:
vintage floral dress, hemmed: thrift store
vintage irish fisherman cardigan: available at Cardigan King
sunglasses: thrift store

Oh you know, just gettin my goof on in a nearby orange grove ;-)

So I've been thrifting like crazy, trying to find furniture for our place in Long Beach. For some reason I always thought finding furniture would be REALLY easy, like roll up to any old thrift store with a mini uhaul and go to town easy. Well, I was so wrong. So very wrong. I probably go thrifting 3x a week, usually after work and for a while pickings were beyond slim. Adding to this, I hate thrifting when it's dark outside. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate the "atmosphere" that most thrift stores offer. The strong aroma of an off brand air freshener (that seemingly every Goodwill in Orange County pipes from each air vent), the horrific fluorescent lighting, the inevitable temper tantrum/ bout of hysteria that befalls every child six years  and under....I could go on. These aspects of a thrift store don't bother me so much in the day time. But at night? To me, these things become one hundred times more irritating. Nevertheless, our perseverance is paying off. We've been finding great mid century pieces (some for as low as $10!) so whenever we score that gives us the motivation to keep looking. I'll probably do a round up of things that I've found and bought for our place, so be on the look out for that. Fingers crossed we keep finding stuff. Newsflash: furnishing a home is expen$ive :*(


  1. a) this light is beeyutiful, and love those sunnies on you!
    b) we'll be living in LA june-august. can we please hang out!?

  2. I absolutely love both this outfit and the lovely warm lighting! I keep looking from your pics to my window and the branches heavy with snow outside and I can't help but be a little green-eyed. I love thrifting when it's aimless but find it really difficult when I'm looking for something specific. I'm looking forward to seeing what gems you've unearthed!

  3. My goodness, if this is winter there, where do I sign up! Colorado is actually a balmy 60 degrees today though, which is WAY better than about 5 degrees last week! Love both the dress and the cardigan and I can seriously almost feel this warm light sitting here! I can't wait to see the furniture you are finding,I am sure the long search will be well worth it!
    xo Hannah

  4. I love the lighting in these shots! Perfetion! :D And I am so jealous of your "Winter" ... it is so cold here, ha ha
    I can't wait to see everything you've found for your place!

  5. The light in these photos is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your mid century pieces, $10 is amazing!

  6. I think one of the reasons I'm so drawn to your vintage style is because you always look so comfortable. Like, you could fall asleep so cozily in whatever you're wearing and still wake up looking fabulous. :)

    Good luck with the furniture hunt. It's funny how thrifting for furniture is almost as expensive as buying new. I went down that route four years ago. Sigh. And yeah, definitely take your time with it. You want one-of-a-kind pieces, not just any crap you find because you're in a hurry. And it sounds like the thrift stores in south CA are a lot nicer than the crap ones in the midwest. Our goodwills don't even bother with air freshner, off-brand or otherwise. Ha!

  7. i cant wait to see what you come up with when it comes to home decor.
    i've been looking around recently too. i have a feeling i will be settling for a little while and eventually upgrade the pieces to something better.
    i always used to see things before, and now i never see anything. of course it is always when you're looking.

  8. Wish our winter was that warm!!
    Your hair is just amazing! Also really love that dress!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  9. Lovely outfit!!
    I especially love the sunglasses!

  10. Lovely, lovely dress! I am longing for some sun!

  11. Ashley, your photos always make me wish I lived in SoCal and not NorCal lol but I cannot wait to see how you furnish your new home! It's going to be something out of a thrifting magazine!!

  12. Wonderful outfit and gorgeous sun light!

  13. Girl, I hear ya. I had to furnish one room of a studio apartment and it was not easy. I'm sure it will all pay off though.

    Loving this look and really looking forward to some sweater/bare leg weather.


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