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Outfit Details:
vintage plaid jacket: thrift store
corduroy jeans: Pilcro-Anthropologie (a Black Friday score)
vintage flats

Not a super exciting outfit, I'll admit, but this is pretty much what I've been wearing lately. Jeans + a jacket+ flat shoes. Although I will say that I mostly really like seeing fashion bloggers' "casual" outfits.No person can dress all gussied up 24/7 right?

Hope you all had a happy new year! I spent mine with a few friends and it was really low key but nice. Can't really go wrong with a pasta dinner, music playing, karaoke , and a midnight dip in the hot tub!

As far as resolutions go,  I really only have one and it is a practical one: pull out money from the bank every week and make it last until next week; repeat. I never carry cash and it's always annoying to have to be the one friend at dinner who only has a card or to have to take out money from a sketchy liquor store atm (with a $4 surcharge, no less). Well, no more of that! And, I think it's also a good way to save money. I've read that having to physically part with bills versus swiping a card makes you think twice about purchases, which I totally believe.


I picked a winner for my giveaway yesterday (sorry on being a day late!). I had to add 10 more people who entered via Facebook which explains the higher number. Anyway, congrats to Eva! Also I LOVED reading through what everyone had for dinner! Maybe it's just me but I just like to hear/ read about what people eat. Living vicariously at its greatest (and most delicious).

PPS: Does anyone remember that livejournal community "madradhair"? Extra cool points if you do ;-)


  1. you look so cute on vintage clothing! :D pretty!!

    The Bargain Doll

  2. Love that jacket!! So cute on you :)
    And I completely agree about carrying cash; it really changes the way you spend and definitely allows you to not be the annoying friend at dinner who only has a card haha!!


  3. I generally prefer seeing more casual outfits too, it's more realistic and often more interesting to see what people actually wear on a daily basis! really love the colours in your jacket


  4. The coat is adorable! I love the look - I'm very interested in casual blogger looks too)


  5. That's a really good resolution and something I should probably consider. Good for you!

    I like seeing casual outfits more as well. That coat is such a great score!


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