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Outfit Details:
vintage dress: thrift store
vintage cardigan: thrift store
vintage leather heeled boots: thrift store
pin: flea market $1 table
striped socks: Target

Me lately:

So pumped for Downton Abbey to be on TV! I was too unmotivated to try and catch the newest season when it was playing in the UK a few months ago but now my patience/ laziness is being rewarded! I made Grant watch the season premier on Sunday and he made it through an hour before falling asleep so good for him ;-)

Caught Les Mis and Django Unchained. I saw Les Mis (I'll admit that I feel dorky abbreviating) with friends that also happen to be fellow musical theater enthusiasts and yes, some parts did send chills down my spine! I thought they did a really good job and I was singing along (in my head) the whole time. I can't tell you how many times I would sing "On My Own" in the privacy of my own bedroom in high school. I'd throw on like a newsboy cap and an oversized jacket and pretend I was Eponine  -____-

Django Unchained was good too although it's really hard for me to give a sterling recommendation to any movie that's over 2 hours long. It felt long too. After the last plot twist I did not have it in me, mentally or physically, to go along with more of the story. I get antsy!

The Long Beach place is chugging along. Grant and I have been working on it, sanding down baseboards, priming, taping, spackling, and painting. To put it mildly, I'm not much of a perfectionist when it comes to doing work like this. I don't notice or care if I see an uneven wall texture only visisble in 4 PM light. Grant is a perfectionist, however, and he cuts no corners. I've been relegated to doing things like taping and unscrewing electrical plates but it's probably for the best. I am very much grateful that he notices every little detail, I'm sure it will all pay off in the end.

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  1. The shoes and socks remind me a little too much of the Wicked Witch of the East for my liking but I think the cardigan and dress are absolutely lovely!!
    And it's great to hear that your place is coming along nicely; being a perfectionist myself I understand how stressful it can be to someone else but hopefully you'll be happy with the outcome! :)


  2. I love your muted vintage dress, especially with all the muted colors in the background. The black striped socks are a nice touch. My boyfriend & I are also looking to own a home in Long Beach (a most modest home, since they are so expensive here). I’ve been in Long Beach for about 12 years and even though it’s a renter’s market as far as pricing goes, I’ve always found owning a property here to be atrociously expensive. That said, that’s great that you found a place within your budget & in a decent neighborhood. How very exciting for you both.

    I watched both Les Mis & Django Unchained too, and enjoyed both thoroughly. I’ve never read or watched Les Mis before. I kind of want to read Victor Hugo’s novel now, all 1500 pages, even though it’s a little over sentimental for my literary taste. I thought Django Unchained was entertaining, therapeutic, and of course, the soundtrack was awesome.

    Happy new year!

  3. This is seriously one of my favorite outfits that I've seen in a while, I love your vintage style!!

    Oh my goodness, I can't wait for Downton Abby! I've been catching up on Netflix and can't wait for the premiere. I also LOVED Les Mis (so much I watched it twice)! I read the book by Victor Hugo and it is the most beautiful piece of literature, a little daunting to get through at times, but so beautiful.

    Anyway, loved this post! : )

  4. I'm also a perfectionist with painting and everything house-related, the kind of person who would notice the exact spot where the wallpaper doesn't line up when I walk into a room. This is both a blessing and a curse. I'm also excited for Downton Abbey, and I also waited to watch it on PBS instead of online; it's so much better to watch it on tv each week. I agree with you about movies that are longer than 2 hours, especially in the theater. Sometimes I have to watch those at home so I can pause and get a snack, run around, whatever. I watched the first LOTR in the theater and it felt soooo long when I came out I didn't even know what day it was anymore. Also, tell Grant the pic of you by the stop sign is perfection. :)

  5. I really dig the addition of those socks to this outfits. To me it looks straight out of an urban outfitters magazine (but in the best possible way!) :)

    Also, I used to always sing "On My Own" extremely loud in my room as well. In fact, I still do. Oops

    xxoo Elanor

  6. I was going to see Les Miserables the other day but it was sold out in two of the theatres nearby, so i was so sad about that. I am glad to hear good news about the movie! So many people are down about it saying that they couldn't understand a word sung. I have heard good things about Django too. . want to see that! I adore your outfit!! it is beautiful. Always, you are beautiful!

  7. I'm super excited for Downton to be on, too! I resisted watching it when it was airing in the U.K. because I want it to last as long as it can! Also, I saw Django and midway through, I developed a crush on the German, which I think is funny because he looked kinda like a bearded version of Emler Fudd!
    P.S. Love your outfit, too! And your long bangs!


  8. So excited to see your new place! I guess it will look gorgeous, your taste and a perfectionist at your side equals perfect combo! If you like Downton abbey you should check out the remakes of Upstairs, downstairs and The Forsyte saga. In the last one I was really sighing over the costumes! Wrote a small blogpost about it recently if you want to check it out.



  9. Alright, you need to stop being so unbelievably cool! lol those photos, I mean come one! Also, I'm behind on downton abbey but I'll find time in the summer. And I have yet to see Les Mis but I definitely need to read the book first.


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