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Outfit Details:
Smiths shirt: gift from Grant
vintage cardigan: thrift store
Current Elliott jeans courtesy of Joie
glitter sunglasses: Asos

Headed up to San Pedro to check out sunken city but got side tracked and ended up at this park (which I forget the name of--whoops!) just in time to take in the sunset. Sometimes I forget just how great Southern California is and all it takes is a sunset to make me remember.


  1. Such gorgeous gorgeous photos! I lived in Santa Barbara for a while (a long time ago) and am dying to go back to CA. It's snowing here, can't even tell you how jealous I am of the weather there.

  2. I love San Pedro, so dreamy.

    There's a great big beautiful park (which I also forgot the name of) where they filmed the wedding scene in 500 Days of Summer in San Pedro! So gorgeous and fun to explore there!

  3. Ooh I love your outfit! And yayy for sunsets! They are quite nice if you are in a good spot

  4. that is the perfect outfit. I love your keds!

  5. Your outfit looks so comfy! And Grant's hair is so straight, haha, I'm jealous of it actually.

  6. I love the last two pictures. You're too cute.

  7. your picture of the sunset really is stunning! i was obsessed w/ the beach sunsets on our puerto rico trip and took way too many pics, glad you have a quick way to be reminded to appreciate the pretty place you live : ) & you do a great androg. look too btw


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