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Photos credit:  Ed Templeton
Outfit Details:
vintage blazer: thrifted
vintage striped blouse: thrifted
cords: Pilcro, Anthropologie
Sigerson Morrison flats, courtesy of Rue La La
vintage sunglasses: thrift store

A week or so ago, Grant and I met up with Ed and Deanna in HB and as per usual, we walked along the pier trying to soak up those last golden rays of California sunshine. Grant caught a break from taking my picture since Ed so nicely offered to take his place for the day--thanks Ed!

You know, I've been at it with the outfit posts for a few years now and it truly doesn't get any less awkward having your photo taken in public. Ugh.

In others news, Grant and I officially live in the LBC! People from Long Beach, is it dumb to use the term "the LBC"? Is it like people saying "The OC" for Orange County? Because you can quickly tell if someone isn't an Orange County loc by the fact that they think calling this place "the oc" is an okay thing to do.  It's on par with using the term"Cali", it's an instant red flag to native ears.

PS: I tidied up the blog some. Switched it from a three column layout to a two and changed some fonts around and fiddled with a navigation bar. OH and I went all legitimate with a "www.milkteeths.com" address which just redirects to this blogspot. So far so good :)


  1. You are seriously so lovely Ashley! ♡

  2. Can I steal your outfit! I LOVE those pants and your blazer :D And yes, I still feel REALLY awkward taking photos in public, even in my driveway haha
    Congrats on finally being moved in! :D
    And yayy for the blog updates!

  3. ahh!! I love the outfit (textures & color palette, yess!) and the shots of you and Grant - so cute! congrats on officially residing in Long Beach (I have never heard the usage of LBC :x but I'm kind of in the dark about things like that). the blog looks great; I'm enjoying the all-around awesomeness as usual!

  4. As a fellow Long Beachian, I say embrace the abbreviation "LBC". Love your tomboy outfit. You & your beau are the cutest pair.

  5. Except the shoes, you look SO stunning! I love all the pieces
    on you <3

    Btw, your boyfriend reminds me Kurt Cobain; maybe
    because the style and hair,,,just not sure :)


  6. I loveeee this outfit! I'm originally from that area and everyone says LBC, defintley embrace your new city!! You must go to Portfolio coffee shop as well :)

  7. gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  8. I love how laidback this outfit looks, like a modern annie hall. Love your glasses, love the two textures of the jacket and trousers and just love the beautiful light and seaside!
    gorgeous post xox

  9. We have "Long Beach Island" here in NJ that people call "LBI" so I don't think it would be dumb to call it LB.
    Hope all goes well there.

  10. oh funny i say cali all the time... or maybe write it more since it's shorter. love the shot of you two smooching, so sweet : ) glad you could enjoy a beautiful walk w/ friends & how casual yet classy and put together your outfits are.


  11. This outfit speaks to me on a visceral level. i'm talking its blowin my MIND! cords, stripes, tweed, these are a few of my favorite things!


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