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hello! here's a round up of a few things that have caught my eye at the thrifts lately...

 photo IMG_3520_zpsdb109c67.jpg
pretty crystal goblets, Salvation Army

 photo IMG_3537_zpsd1dca1a8.jpg
You can't really tell, but this little file cabinet was such a pretty turquoise blue! Later Grant and I both regretted not nabbing it. Found at St. Vincent de Paul

 photo IMG_3651_zpsb169a7f7.jpg
A cozy little chair. Salvation Army.

 photo IMG_3633_zps73287de5.jpg
Giraffe glasses! Savers

 photo IMG_3654_zpsbd152f29.jpg
Vintage mirror that belonged to a vanity. Salvation Army.

 photo IMG_3636_zps9bd61bc6.jpg
Bird pencil box

 photo IMG_3632_zps479f24a4.jpg
This blanket caught my eye, it was HUGE and made out of wool. Wasn't sure what I could use it for. Love the little pompom detail and the colors. Salvation Army.

 photo IMG_3620_zpsee7bf3db.jpg
California Cup

 photo IMG_3591_zpsbddfd4ec.jpg
Cool cover to this old, circa 1940s children's book.

 photo IMG_3559_zps7dcbb8cb.jpg
Funny little milk glass container. Nabbed it. Maybe I'll put sugar in it?

 photo IMG_3552_zps6e7b4f18.jpg
1960s faux wood ice bucket

 photo IMG_3557_zps1c41ea0e.jpg
A buttered toast domed container! Salvation Army

 photo IMG_3554_zpsec0ec1ca.jpg
The Gordon's Fisherman?

 photo IMG_3594_zps66888fbb.jpg
The cutest little teacup. Shoulda woulda coulda!


  1. I don't know how you don't buy all of the things you find... I wouldn't be able to hold back!! Those giraffe cups and that blanket with pompoms are so adorable and perfect :)


  2. ahhh I haven't thrifted in a while and this post made me feel like I just thrifted, felt so good! Haha.
    I'll have to plan to go this weekend. I love your finds, especially the old children's book & that chair. Eek!

  3. whoa you found some good stuff there! I would've had a hard time holding back, especially with the furniture!


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