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A few things that have caught my eye recently...

 photo IMG_3788_zps6e2e1f82.jpg

Going for $500. No thank you. Found at Salvation Army.

 photo IMG_3796_zps3c30da57.jpg
So cute! Little 1950s milk glass bowls with a great orange design. Bought them. Found at Goodwill.

 photo IMG_3785_zpsaf4fa1c9.jpg
 photo IMG_3786_zps9934d8b7.jpg

1960s set of floral chairs. Found at Salvation Army.

 photo IMG_3790_zps2ee00002.jpg
Fun woven hangers.

 photo IMG_3963_zps959ef2e2.jpg
Brass unicorn statue. Found at Goodwill.

 photo IMG_3886_zps9a8071dc.jpg
Vintage Souvenir Plate.

 photo IMG_3795_zpsa3a75e7e.jpg
Little hobnail milk glass containers. Found at Goodwill.

 photo IMG_3791_zps79c9dc56.jpg photo IMG_3792_zps26a00d24.jpg

Vintage smoked glass mirror. Found at Salvation Army.

 photo IMG_3889_zps77a07f3a.jpg
Two vintage chairs upholstered in mustard velvet fabric and a funny little card table.

'til next time!

Question: do you know of any blogs who do these sort of thrift round ups? The best I can find is searching the "thriftscore" tag on instagram and even that is just okay at best. I love seeing what other people find/ happen upon while thrifting--it gives me motivation to get out there!


  1. I have a couple


    they both are attracted to mid-century modern and scandinavian goods. I love seeing all the pretty things they thrift. & I love that they are from southern california bc it gives me hope that there's still good thrifting to be done here.

  2. $500.00? was it a real Eames chair? because that's the only way I could see asking that amount at a thrift store. Pretty sure that's one of the highest prices I've heard of at a thrift store.

    I do some thrift round ups at my little blog

    some other good ones are:


  3. Those chairs!!

    Jess at wellitsokay.blogspot.com does great "recently thrifted" roundups every once in a while.

  4. oh man I want to find an Eames chair! I do re-caps of lots of the stuff I bring home but I like that you share some of the cool stuff you see but don't necessarily buy.

  5. Sometimes (very infrequently) i'll post about my op-shopping/trifting finds, but i really do enjoy reading/looking at these posts of yours. A good combination of amusement, envy and inspiration to go out and have a poke about myself!

  6. That unicorn would have come home with me! Cute orange bowls too. :) I used to post my thrift hauls on my blog more often but now you can find items I saw at flea markets, thrift stores & antique malls on my instagram feed (thriftaholic).

    My friend Rae shares her finds about once a week on her blog: http://raesock.blogspot.com
    There's also a Thrift Share Monday here: http://apronthriftgirl.typepad.com/apron_thrift_girl/2013/03/thrift-share-monday-mod-sonomas-new-digs.html

  7. How funny... I bought those exact hangers! SA in Costa Mesa, right? I remember seeing the green chairs out front. I grabbed the mid century dresser too. The Eames chair was horribly overpriced for a thrift shop. If I ever see you out and about I will have to say hello :)

  8. oh i love these kind of posts!

    thrift stores in france are just so tiny...

    we do have another interesting thing- trash night! in every neighborhood there's an assigned day a week of taking out heavy trash.

    it's a good excuse for a late night stroll and sometimes you find nice chairs,mirrors or other random things. i wanted to start documenting this, it seems like extreme thrifting!

  9. I have a thrifting blog :) Already-loved.blogspot.com :)



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