Desert Exploring Pt. 1

Wearing: vintage hat, Grant's old t-shirt, high waisted Levi's, Keds, thrift store sunglasses

We had planned on getting up early Thursday so that we could hike around Indian Canyons before the heat got crazy but that didn't happen. Instead we enjoyed a leisurely late breakfast at Cheeky's (my favorite breakfast place in the world) and only after sufficiently stuffing ourselves did we think it was a good idea to go hiking in 90 degree weather. Luckily, hiking wasn't too awful, especially because our hike was partially shaded by native palm trees and for the most part, it was along a refreshing natural spring that runs through the area. I'm definitely what you would call a novice hiker and I thought the hike we went on (which was I think a little bit over a mile?) was fun and super easy so if I can do it you can do it for sure.  I was hoping for more cactus blooms but we really didn't see any which was a bummer. We did see plenty of lizards and a chuckwalla which was neat.  At the end of the hike there was a wikiup (aka wigwam) that we poked our heads into. We tried to go on a second hike to West Fork Falls which Grant had previously been to but sadly the falls were totally dried up. Bummer!

Here's some more info on Palm Canyon for those interested 

Also, thank you so much for the sweet comments on my last post about how Grant and I met! I felt kind of cheesy writing that out so now I feel a little better about myself ;-)


  1. What a gorgeous hike, and such stylish hikers :D (bandannas, hats, stripes, yellow - so good!) I'd like to go on this hike the next time I make it out to Palm Springs - thanks for the post!

  2. Such a great adventure! Cool explorers, you two!

  3. hot DAMN I am so excited to get to desert country later this summer!!

  4. This looks like fun and it is making me excited to go on my own road trip this summer. I will be documenting it on my blog, as well. I was kinda curious how I was gonna document it, but you make it look really fun. Thanks for sharing your journey!!

  5. seems like a fun adventure. i'd love to visit the desert one day! xo

  6. These are wonderful photos, I'm so obsessed with desert scenes! I'm so jealous!
    xo, Tori Lynne

  7. These photos are amazing.. It makes me wanna go !


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