Desert Exploring Pt. 2

On the way back from our hike in Indian Canyons I saw this little abandoned shack on the road and made Grant pull over. It looked so perfect in its surroundings, sun baked terrracotta tiles, broken windows, and all. I'm not really sure what it once was but there was a smaller building next to it. I wonder what it could have been....


  1. oh I lovelovelovelove the desert so hard! thanks for sharing your trip. I am drooling.

  2. Ooh cool! I love seeing old abandoned buildings, it's fun imagining what they used to be. There's a house like that on the beach we used to go to on vacation. It was just stones, the roof was gone and it had all flowers and plants growing in it because it was empty for so long

  3. Your outfit is unbelievably classic and chic! I also love exploring old buildings and ruins!

  4. Lovely desert shots, and I love the one of you jumping!


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