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Outfit details:
vintage Hawaiian print shirt (under sweatshirt): Thank You Mart (RIP)
Grey sweatshirt: pile sale?
Levi's high waist skinnies: Levi's store
Vans Sk8-hi
Tote bag courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

Nothing makes me happier than seeing bright, beautiful bougainvillea blooming (not even trying to alliterate!) on the street. Luckily, Southern California is teaming with bougainvillea so lucky me. Isn't  it weird when you see people who normally have some form of bang push their hair back and it's like, whoa that's what your face looks like?? It's like seeing someone you know who usually wears glasses step out with contact lenses. Totally different person!  It's freeing yet terrifying at the same time. 

PS: For all you vintage clothing lovers out there, and specifically those of you who like what I peddle in the shop, I'm going to be having a 25% off sale starting WEDNESDAY! Just a heads up :) 

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