San Pedro & Pomona

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A few snaps from old town San Pedro! We went on a Friday and there was a Farmer's Market going on which was nice enough, everyone was out and about having lunch. We poked our heads into a few shops and passed by a theater that advertised it was used as a filming location for Mad Men (!). Of course there was plenty of pretty old tile, Spanish and penny, paving the streets. I love old tile

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My friend John (who you might remember from this post ) had a grand opening party for his new shop MD Quality Goods, and amazing new space in Pomona! Ever time Grant and I visit I'm always so impressed by how well curated his selection of vintage Industrial/ Americana/ Machine Age stuff is. What an eye! And of course, his hand made tables are next level. Check out that triangle book case-totally swoon worthy, no? Anyway, we had a fun night and if anyone is reading this and in the Pomona/ Riverside/ Greater Los Angeles area, you should make an appointment to check out his stuff, you can tell him I sent ya :)


  1. ahhhh... love them books! great post, I love these vintage items....
    sooo retro!

  2. You went to such interesting places! :) Love the vintage advertising and books!xx


  3. how cool, i want that triangle shelf!


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