Bits & Pieces From The Desert

So it seems as if I've finally exhausted my photos from the desert, I bet you never thought this day would come, huh? Here are a few random photos, iphone and otherwise, that didn't make it into my posts but that I wanted to share all the same:

I bought a new bathing suit for summer! The grey top and striped band are part of the suit, the shorts are separate (although they do go so well together). Suit: Parker Barker for Lime Ricki (A month or two ago Calivintage had a coupon code that was too good not to pass up -thanks Erin!), heart shorts: a gift from Grant, Keds, Asos sunglasses

Nibblin on this hummus plate poolside, so good!

And of course, reading A Clash of Kings (just started A Storm of Swords a few days ago, FYI!)

oh hey!

We did some thrifting while out in Palm Springs:
Some sort of stackable kitchen canister thing from the 60s

A cool metal tray

A bright Asian style vase

I love seeing items in their original packaging

A humongous old bedspread that was in the $1 bins

In Grant's mind, the campaign dresser that got away. I was seriously obsessed with campaign furniture a few months ago and had plans to do some DIYs for bedside tables (but then got lazy once I realized how expensive the brass campaign pulls are). Hope this dresser went to a good home!

Not sure what this is, maybe for shoe storage? 
Love old sewing supplies, especially thread on wooden spools!

curb sitter

Chicken marsala at Jakes (the most underrated restaurant in Palm Springs. It's amazing)

I got the meatloaf (I love a good meatloaf) with truffled mac'n'cheese and roasted asparagus. SO GOOD.

Having a look at the taxidermied native wild life up at the aerial tram lodge. 

An oasis in the desert: Palm Canyon

That's all folks! 'Til next time! 


  1. I have to ask...where do you go thrifting in PS? I never find anything that good there....

    1. All the usual places! This was definitely the most we've ever seen/ found in Palm Springs. It's usually picked over :( We go to Angel View, The Goodwill, and the one LGBT chain that I'm forgetting the name of...

  2. I LOVE your bathing suit outfit! Perfect for summer :3 <3

  3. I actually looked at that same swimsuit! It's really cute, but I thought the light grey top might just disappear on my ghostly skin, haha.

    I've never been to Palm Springs. Peter had to go once for work...he was just there for a weekend...but his first impressions were that it was kind of a bizarre/unnatural place because you're in the middle of the desert but he saw like 500 golf courses all with sprinklers running constantly and all these resort-type places. But I'm sure there's more to it than that. Anyway, I've said before probably 100 times, but I love those sunglasses on you. :)

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  5. That hat you are wearing is perfection!! Vintage?



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