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Outfit details: school uniform cardigan: thrift store, vintage button up: thrift store, vintage polka dot skirt: thrift store, vintage sunglasses: thrift store, Belle by Sigerson Morrison nude flats: courtesy of Rue La La

I had a great time reading through everyone's comments on my last post about thrift store gripes and can commiserate with each and every one of them! I should make like a thrifter's support group or something so  that everyone can air out their particular grievances ;-) Of course, the next day while I was thinking about that post I remembered so many more annoyances (people that wait until they get to the cashier to THEN decide what they want to keep and what they want to buy. UM, NO.) but I'll save that for a different time.  


  1. LOVE this outfit. I love a pop of red with black and white and polka dots are my fave. so cute! and ah i hate that too!!

  2. Such a cute outfit! I love all things polka dots...and this skirt is so great! I like how you've matched the black piping of the blouse to the skirt :)

    Veloria in Velvet

  3. This outfit is so classic, you look great : )

  4. You are the cutest. You win today. :)

  5. hahaha, oh man. relatable on so many levels.
    love this look, that darling scarf is to die for.

  6. Polkadots and red cardigan. I just love everything in this outfit <3 <3

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  8. this outfit fills my heart with joy! I read your last post too and I've been on a demin quest myself which was odd since I got rid of most of my demin a few years back. But i suddenly needed a Francois Hardy-esque demin dress and wallah i bought a pile of demin things..

    but yeah thrift stores are odd, it does give me a moment of sadness to see people who clearly have a hoarding problem buying things they don't need. I try to limit my trips to a few times a year than the weekly trip I once made. I got too frustrated spending nearly $50 a trip every week to turn around and give most of it away by the end of the next month!

    But anyway, I think my pet peeve, is looking at something TOTALLY NICHE, like "hey I really need to replace the foot on my 1987 Barbie, gonna go find a barbie leg!" then suddenly EVERYONE NEEDS BARBIE LEGS? WTF?! you DID NOT need Barbie legs, and suddenly now you do? something isn't adding up..:P


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