Moorten Botanical Garden & Cactarium

Outfit Details: altered vintage illusion blouse, altered vintage peach shorts, sheer polka dot crew socks courtesy of Hansel From Basel , Keds, Asos sunglasses

While in Palm Springs, I was burning up my Yelp app trying to find interesting places to visit and I stumbled across a review for the Moorten Botanical Garden. Instantly, I knew we had to visit. We checked out the garden after a leisurely breakfast at Koffi (a blueberry muffin for me, a cinnamon roll for Grant), it was our last stop before we had to hit the road back home. Anyway, I think it was like $3 each to get in and man was it worth it!

The gardens were established around the late '30s and has varieties of cacti from all over the world. Besides cacti, there's also old mining equipment scattered around the grounds and even some piles of mineral and crystal specimens.  I'd say our favorite part was, hands down, the rickety metal green house that shelters the rare varieties of cacti in the collection. It was kind of overwhelming to take in and absorb all of the different species (and I'm sure there were tons that I missed) but I suppose that just means we'll have to go back?  If you're into cacti/ succulents (and let's be honest, who isn't these days), it's a definite must see!


  1. Dang. I am super jealous of everything in these pictures! That room Grant is standing in looks amazeballs and your outfit is a dream, especially those peach shorts and polka dot socks. California babe all the way

  2. I want to go on adventures with you, ha ha. You always do such fun things! My life is so boring

  3. AWESOME POST! More pictures of MASSIVE TURTLES, please!!

  4. What a magical place! The pictures are so interesting and I just love your lovely shorts :) Dulcie xxx

  5. great outfit! hansel from basel <3
    that place looks amazing, i love cacti!

  6. This post is eye candy! I love plants like this, I want to go to this place!
    xo, Tori Lynne


  7. Woah, Cacti overload!! How cool!! I really like your cute socks with those shorts! aww.

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  9. glad you checked out the botanical garden over there, that's always one of our fav thigns to visit in new towns too. And, if i'd only seen a few of your pics I'd have sworn you visited the Phx Botanical Garden, which was my fav place to visit a year ago : )
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  10. Very 50's. Love the high waisted shorts, glasses and of course your awesome looking Keds tennies ;-)


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