mountain view

Outfit details:
vintage polka dot dress, soon to be added to the shop
vintage hat & boots
Army jacket: Uniqlo

Even though I've been to Palm Spring bunches of times, I've never made it onto the aerial tram. This time would be different and I told Grant that riding that tram was on the top of our to-do list so ride it we did! If you're not familiar with the area, Palm Springs is pretty much at the foot of the San Jacinto mountains (hello, rain shadow effect!) which to me, is part of what makes the area so amazing. The mountains that you can see from Palm Springs don't look super tall and if you look closely, from some areas you can see to the top of the mountain and make out the outline of tiny pine trees and whatnot.

ANYWAY, to get to the tram you have to drive up this road that doesn't look very steep but man, once you start going up your ears start to pop and it becomes pretty clear that you're driving up a mountain. A tram leaves every 30 minutes so we decided to ride closer to sunset, I think we took a 5:00 tram which was nice because it wasn't too crowded.

The craziest thing about the tram is that the floor rotates! This is great because it lets you see a 360 degree view of the the desert below and the mountain face. The ride takes 10 minutes and once we stepped out we couldn't believe how different the scenery was, literally its night and day. 10 minutes before we were sweating under the 90 degree desert sun and now we were breathing in cold mountain air.

Once we got down to the trail area, we went on a quick hike and soaked up our surroundings. I hope to go back and go on a proper hike. Definitely recommended if you visit the area!

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  1. Omg. There's no chance that dress could, like, stretch to fit a size medium?

  2. Seriously, all I want to do after reading your posts is high tail it to California. That sounds incredible.

    Obviously, I also love your outfit.

  3. sounds so fun! I want to go there when we're in california in july. those glasses are SO good.

  4. I LOVE your outfit! all those landscapes look amazing!

  5. ridiculously cute vintage dress. officially jealous.

  6. What an amazing looking place and a cute dress to wear there too!


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