thrift files: adventures in thrifting

Thought I'd give everyone a break from the desert photos (yes, there are MORE!) with a little thrift files round up, so here goes: 

Loved the cover of this old children's book! -St. Vincent de Paul

Someone named Jack Woolf had a cool leather suitcase once upon a time.

A good looking chair! -Salvation Army

A Mexican blanket, perfect for picnicing on -St. Vincent de Paul

 Loves me some metal cash boxes- Savers

Another sweet illustration inside an old children's book

Pretty blue jars in the "fancy" section of the Salvation Army. 

A cardboard file box- Salvation Army

An old gold compact-Salvation Army

Mid century milk glass container- Goodwill

Super cute nesting doll dish towel- Goodwill

A non creepy rocking chair!

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  1. I love your Thrift Files series :) It's fun to see what others find while thrifting!


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