A Peek Inside Our Place, Part 2

Hello! Here are some more little bits and pieces from around the home that I thought I'd share...

Our little entry way. We repurposed an old radio/ record player that Grant's mom had, it now holds our keys, mail, and random odds and ends. I think the radio part still works, we just need to fix the record player. Grant says it lights up when you turn it on, though. Vintage blue glass Ball jars found on various thrift stores.

We bought an Ikea expedit and so far, it's turned out to be a great little book shelf. Here is one of the cubby squares, holding books, old cameras and a little bronze deer figurine (side note: I'm obsessed with bronze animal figurines! I hope to collect a veritable menagerie one day...)

Another shelf, LIFE books are the BEST! Amazing photos inside. All found at thrift stores.

On top of the book shelf. I found the coral lamp base at a thrift store and it was dirty, gross, dingy, etc. I painted it white and found a lamp shade at the Goodwill (side note: the Goodwill's, at least in Orange County, always get TONS of donations from Target. It's a good source for home goods, I found the lamp shade, brand new, at one).  I thought the lamp could use a little something extra so I ran over to JoAnne's and bought some pompom trim for the shade. And of course, there's the bronze duck friend Pictured record: Ty Segall 

The beginnings of our gallery wall. The black and white photo is one I found at a thrift store and recently, I had to open up the back and re-affix the photo to the mat because it was slipping. It turns out the photo was taken for a photography class at a school in Los Angeles during the 1930s! There was a small grading sheet on the back of the photo, how awesome is that? I found the wooden display shelf at the Goodwill (I was hunting for a typeset tray but this was just as good) and knew that it would be the perfect thing to display mine and Grant's found natural treasures and curiosities. I painted the back wall of the shelf white and distressed it, I think it lets the shells, crystals, minerals, shark egg sacks
 -shudders- stand out nicely. 

I'm crazy for terrariums (who isn't these days), I made this one for the dining room table. 

One of my favorite thrift stores finds! Love this chair, love the lines, love that it was less than $20 at the Salvation Army.

 Obsessed with this silk, patchwork pillow. I thrifted the cover and bought two little pillow inserts at Ikea for super cheap. The patchwork and color reminds me of work from the artist Thomas Campbell 

 For a few more glimpses of our place, hop on over to here 


  1. your home looks so cute and cozy!! i def bought an eiffel tower lamp base at the goodwill before that i remember i had seen at target! that chair is a super beaut & ty segall rocks! love these photos, can't wait to see more.

    at this volume

  2. Can I move in?! Ha ha. It looks so cute in there with so many fun pieces! :D

  3. LIFE books! Oh my goodness, I'd forgotten about those. I used to love looking through those when I was younger!

  4. Thrift stores are the best. I love all the projects that you did, perfect.

  5. loving all the little details! you've put together such a lovely collection!

  6. oh these are so so nice! love all the little details and crazy knick knacks! shark eggs wow.

    it's great you have a record player that works, i've got a little portable one that surprisingly plays 45s and 78s but no 33s, so i can't really buy contemporary vinyl...i love ty segall tho.

  7. I have that chair, love it so much! When I was down in florida I saw tons of those chairs for THREE DOLLARS each. I was kicking myself for not having a big van to cart them all home.

  8. Love everything in your home. You have the cutest/best furniture!

  9. I think the skate egg sacks are neat!

  10. I wish Target donated to Goodwill here. Actually, all the Goodwills I've been to here are kind of crappy and depressing...like just filled with the cheap vases you get free when you order flowers and old coffee makers. Other thrift stores are a little better, but nothing's really cheap. You can sometimes do much better at garage sales though. Also, if you're looking for more bronze animals, there are a ton on Etsy. I see them every day when browsing.

  11. love how you decorated your place. and i love the peonies in the blue vintage jars!

  12. I'm loving the repurposed record player and all the vintage goodies around your place, Ashley!

  13. Such a sweet looking home. LIFE books really are the best. I came across one of their entire collections of photography books not too long ago and still haven't managed to flip through them all.


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