Outfit details: striped shirt: thrift store, white pants: thrift store, vintage fringed loagers: thrift store, army anorak: Uniqlo

See those white pants I'm wearing? Originally, they were intended as a one night only sort of deal for my Halloween costume (Alex from A Clockwork Orange). I found them at a thrift store, wrapped the waist around my neck (I almost never try anything on, a bad habit!), found that the ends met, and bought them. They are a random, unrecognizable brand, probably something that your average FASHIONS 4 U strip mall trendy clothing store would carry. Anyway, I tried them on in the privacy of my bedroom and found that they fit perfectly--whew!

Now I mention that I bought them strictly for a Halloween costume because up until that point, I hated white pants with a fiery passion. For years I would pass by unassuming racks of white pants and shudder/ grimace/ shake my head. I blame it on middle school. At my particular middle school, white polyester pants with no back pockets were THE thing to wear. I guess I always thought they looked terrible?  It's silly how long that conviction has stuck with me because now, I don't think white pants are half bad at all!

Have you ever sworn off a fashion trend only to find yourself liking it down the road?


  1. Beautiful casual+simple combination!
    I'm about to travel into some mountains, so it's good to see your combination which gives me enough inspiration ;)

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  2. You wear them well! I never try anything on either.

    For the longest time, I swore off midi skirts, finding them matronly, but they're my jam right now.

  3. You're wearing 3 staple items that I am OBSESSED WITH! Seriously, all in one outfit. So as a given, you look GREAT! www.StingyStyle.net

  4. totally feel the same ab white pants. got my 1st pair this year! theyre hard to pull off though! love how u wear em


  5. These photographs are stunning. I especially love the second one! I cannot brave white pants they scare me! they look great on you though.

  6. Hey, a century plant! They're only supposed to bloom every 100 years like that, but really it's more like 30 or something. Anyway, you look cute! I've noticed a lot of white pants are see through (and I spill things a lot) so I tend to avoid them, but they look great on you.


  7. Love this look. :)


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  8. This is proof that not all white pants are terrible! I'm always just so deathly afraid of getting them dirty...

  9. i always had that idea too, i think from middle school as well but also recently discovered they can be super flattering. good idea about the neck trick. i'll have to do that. my hubs does the elbow to fist size test, works great for him but i'm chubbier : ). anyway, LOVE your simple classy look here, perfect for the beach. looks like such a pretty place!
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  10. Floral tropical style shirts and/or dresses.
    When I was in high school there was a weird trend where gross bro boys would wear hawaiian shirts and puka shell necklaces, and ever since then I would barf at the sight of anything tropical looking... but lately a switch went off and now I love them! I like mixing patterns and tropical prints are fun for that.
    P.s. - I copied your denim frump dress outfit on my blog (but I tagged you in it and gave you all the credit!). Let me know if it's not okay and I'll remove it.



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