MILK TEETHS vintage | mega update!

It's been a while since I've done a post about the new things in the shop so here goes! Don't forget that you can get a 10% off coupon if you like MILK TEETHS on facebook (just message me for the code!) 

SALE 90s black dress/ vintage illusion neck cocktail dress/ black sequins 90s bodycon M

vintage maxi dress/ floral maxi dress/ sleeveless summer maxi dress M-L

1960s dress/ 60s gingham plaid mini dress/ 60s summer sundress S

 1970s dress/ 70s summer sundress/ blue gingham strappy sundress S

SALE vintage striped shirt/ red and white long sleeve stripe shirt/ french stripe shirt S

pleated skirt/ vintage accordion pleat skirt/ red and white knee length skirt S

1970s skirt/ desert chevron print skirt/ rainbow chevron southwestern skirt M-L

vintage polka dot bouse/ 60s black and white polka dot shirt/ 60s vintage polka dot top S

SALE vintage polka dot blouse/ red polka dot bow blouse/ 70s secretary bow blouse S-M

vintage blue sundress/ strappy summer sundress/ orange fruit print dress S-M

SALE 60s coral blouse/ sheer long sleeve 60s button up/ embroidered 60s shirt S

vintage shirt blouse/ floral cutout blouse/ bright white short sleeve top S

southwestern print skirt/ accordion pleat southwest full skirt/ black and tan desert skirt S-M

brown leather flats/ leather cutout skimmer flats/ vintage Bass leather flats size 8

woven market bag/ vintage woven basket bag/ leather handle market bag

Levi's high waisted denim shorts/ vintage Levi's jean shorts/ light wash denim shorts S-M

vintage Chinese silk blouse/ tan beige silk long sleeve/ Chinese floral embroidery blouse S-M

vintage white dress/ 60s hippie bohemian dress/ 60s hippie wedding dress s m l

Ps: Don't forget to check out Cardigan King for all of your unisex clothing needs ;-)


  1. You just make everything old look new and amazing again? Thanks for opening the world's eyes to the beauty of vintage. Love all of this!


  2. These are so Awesome ! Loving the designs and styles that you have posted. This is such great clothing. Absolutely fantastic. I am sure they are going to sell like crazy and you look great in all the pictures.


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