simple pleasures

Outfit Details: Daniel Johnson shirt: stolen from Grant's closet, vintage denim jacket: borrowed from the shop, Portlandia socks: courtesy of Stance, vintage orange skirt: thrift store, Minnetonka moccasins: Amazon, sunglasses: Asos

I must confess that the photos in the post are not in chronological order. The last two were taken earlier in the day while Grant and I were out at the Tuesday farmer's market in Bixby Park and the others were taken en route to dinner in Belmont Shore (Sushi on Fire--SO GOOD!). Note the two different pairs of sunglasses I'm wearing ;-) I always have like 2-3 pairs of glasses in my bag.

The other night me and some girlfriends were discussing specific sensations and how they can be such amazing, simple pleasures,  like that scene in Amelie where she talks about cracking the top of a creme brulee or sticking her hand in a bushel of beans.

Here are a few that we thought of...

Peeling off stickers/ protective film on electronics and appliances (Mine! I love doing this)
Sharpening a pencil with a hand held pencil sharpener and creating one long continuous shaving
Flipping your pillow on a hot night and sinking your face into the cool, underside
Skimming your hand on top of a pool of water
Being all  bundled, warm, and cozy in bed but feeling the nip of cold on your face
When a song gives you goosebumps
Erasing a whiteboard until there is not one speck of dry erase marker left (conversely, this reminds me of being in high school and watching a teacher "erase" a whiteboard only to have there still be streaks and specs of marker left. AGHH! It took all my strength not to get up and erase the marks left over)
When you're driving at night and you hit nothing but green lights
When you're driving on the freeway, check your rearview mirror, and see NO CARS behind you at all. Almost like you're the last car on the freeway for the day
Being able to parallel park in one, swift go (This one is Grant's. Frankly, I can't think of anything worse than parallel parking!)
Cutting open an avocado to reveal, perfect light green flesh

...and many more! Have any you want to add? I need to start writing these down, they're nice to think about :)


  1. I love stepping on and crunching the leaves that fall to the ground in autumn! (With ya on peeling the protective plastic off of electronics, but I can NEVER get a pencil to sharpen right haha.)


  2. I used to love when my mom would take fresh towels out of the dryer and plop them on me while I was on the couch. So snuggly!

  3. Love the moccasins with the socks.

  4. photos out of order, i love that! and both your sunglasses.

    you should watch peter greenaway's the pillow book, inspired by this 11th century japanese book https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pillow_Book

    it contains lists of things that quicken the heart, basically the less sappy version of the amelie approach.

    i do enjoy freshly ironed clothes, still warm...and the sound of cracking fresh snow.

  5. It's the little pleasures that make a life worth living, in my opinion :) I would add: sitting very close on the sofa with my lover even if it's boiling hot, smelling freshly washed clothes, singing in the car at the top of my voice without caring if anyone could see me, and returning home in the winter to find the fireplace lit.
    Also, about the outfit: I love the mocassins with socks and the pop of color of your skirt!

  6. - The whole process of making a proper pot of tea/cup of coffee (makes drinking it so much more rewarding)
    - being all warm and snuggly in bed, when it is cold and raining outside (and oldie but a goodie)
    - Oh and i can relate to the parallel parking, but only because i am usually really crap at it and avoid it, but the other day i tried it and got it in one go! was so chuffed for ages after!

  7. Oh and naps after eating too much food. Had one today.

  8. this one doesn't apply to me now that I am a fully grown adult, but I used to love it when my mom would hold me while she talked on the phone, especially on a bad day when I came home crying from being bullied all day. Hearing her laughing with her friends and smelling her perfume made everything alright in the world.

    Oh but I also love hearing your favorite song at the grocery store...something about hearing at the grocery makes it all worth while!

  9. This was just what I needed today! Many of them are my favourites too! I also love falling asleep after a long shower in my bed with all fresh linens, walking on a sunny day on snow with a cracking surface and sniffing my mans neck after a long day in the summer sun, it really smells like sunshine!




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