Around Town: Digital Odds and Ends

In this blog's earlier years (I can't believe I've been updating this thing since 2010), I used to post  random photos I'd taken throughout the month as a little digital recap of what I've been up to. I don't really know why I stopped, since I never stopped taking photos but I think it's high time that I bring this feature back, yes? I guess technically photo dumps like this is what instagram is for but if you can believe it, I only post like 10% of the photos I take on my iphone. I try to practice SOME restraint on that platform. 

Tangent: for any instagram users out there, do you have any pet peeve photos that automatically make you roll your eyes? For me it's when people hold fruit (usually berries) cupped in their hands, trying to make that mess look all artsy/ thoughtful. Nope.


I regularly bid on vintage postcard lots; I include them in my etsy orders. The postcard mini booklets are where it's at, though. I cherry pick the ones I really like and keep them in a tin in the living room for people to go through, the rest I tuck away into packages. 

There's this fancy donut shop that opened in Costa Mesa and predictably, I'm all about it. It's dangerously close to where I work so I've had to hold back and (regrettably) haven't been in a few months. Grant likes the maple bacon donuts, I like their simpler (read: boring) donuts like meyer lemon poppyseed or madagascar vanilla.What can I say, nothing tops a glazed donut in my eyes! Now if only they'd open a location in Long Beach...

Beach gear

First day of summer bonfire in Huntington

Bella Pita. Falafel pita + fried cauliflower+ bottled coke. You're welcome. 

Saffron Pistachio ice cream from Saffron & Rose. This is the vegan kind which both Grant and I prefer to the classic.

Just now realizing how many food photos are in this post. WHOOPS! After hearing so many great things about Chego from my friend Natalie, Grant and I finally hit up their Chinatown location and yeah, the hype was deserved. Not pictured: ooey gooey fries (SO GOOD but SO rich. We both agreed that the fries for whatever reason tasted like the essence of Cheetohs. Hard to explain but it's true).

Laying off the Portola mochas since its summertime but just wait till Fall hits...

Ahh Laguna Beach. The best beaches in Orange County (if not Southern California) by far.



  1. that döner kebab or whatever it is, makes me feel like a glutton!

  2. All of this food looks delicious. My parents live near sidecar doughnuts and keep telling me about it. I'll have to try it one of these days. And I love that background on London in the picture of what I presume to be a coffee shop?

  3. I always loved your odds and ends posts for the food pics! Keep them coming, you know I'm a happy food-porn observer always!


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