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Outfit details: denim dress: thrift store, vintage cardigan: stolen from Grant, socks: courtesy of Hansel From Basel, brass magnifying glass necklace: Oh Hello Friend

Hi! Making a quick update before Ed and Deanna pick us up for Day 2 of FYF Fest. My camera got got (rudely) confiscated yesterday so no pictures (even though I saw dozens of random, non press people with dlsrs--HRMPH!!) Ahh it looks like they're here....TBC

Okay back!

Let's see, still recovering from the festival.  Guess I'm getting old, although, to be honest, I've always had old person sensibilities.  A preference for early bird dinners,  a body temperature that is always set to "freezing", and a general dislike for loud noises will do that to you.  Grant and I (thanks to the generosity of the Templetons--thank guys!) got to check out both days. We made it a point to see Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We got hooked up with extra special wristbands that let us go on stage so that was super fun and we made it on stage to each of the acts we wanted to see. I was trying to keep my eyes peeled for any celebs, but I am hopeless at noticing celebrities in real life so I didn't see anyone, although Grant thought he saw Joaquin Phoenix coming out of a portapotty and I maybbeee thought I saw Aaron Paul but I think that was wishful thinking.

Festival fashion is a funny thing. This was my first ever music festival so I was really trying to take it all in. The fashion at FYF was decidedly Spice World 2.0 mixed with the 1997 Delia*s catalog. Lots of belly shirts, circle glasses, butt shorts, that two bun pig tail thing, KIMONOS (dear lawd), fanny packs/ mini back packs. Twas reeeall interesting.


  1. That sucks your camera was confiscated. I got my boyfriend's camera into FYF by hiding it in my backpack underneath two jackets. What did you think of Ty Segall's set? I was very surprised by the acoustic jam sesh he had going on. It was cool but completely different than when he played in 2011 haha. And yeah the 90s craze has totally hit LA and what's with all these girls wearing bart simpson printed clothing?

    1. The kicker is that the lady ALMOST let me through, she looked through my bag and waved me in but then stopped and looked under my jacket and saw my camera :( Literally the 3 other people I went with had cameras on their person, hanging from straps but the cameras were behind their backs, and they were waved in. She was a real B about it too. As far as Ty's set, I loved it! I think his newest album is all acoustic stuff so that's probably why he played like that. He still ripped! And yep, Simpsons stuff and the super 90s resurgence that is going on is not my cup of tea. I think like 10% of the style is legitimately cute and the other 90% is ironically ugly so that makes it cool? IDEK.

  2. Old person sensibilities are the best kind of sensibilities.

  3. man that blows! every year i go to any festival i always see non press people with dslrs. you'd think fyf would be more chill but ever since goldenvoice took over it's been pretty crazy. getting hooked up w passes is the best especially when you can watch away from the crazy crowds but still be close to the band/be able to see them. this is especially good for old person sensibilities that i seem to have acquired also haha. i didnt get to go this year...because i didnt get a hookup this year and im B R O K E. but i stayed home and made pot roast hahaha. pot roast > fyf. pretty much. cool you got to see the oh sees! love their shows.

    at this volume

  4. I love all of your outfits!! You're so perfect! :)

  5. beautiful light... love the shadows following

  6. I find it ridiculous that they confiscate cameras (mine got taken away at a venue last year and I had a not very dignifiend nor very sober fit about it) considering that everyone has a camera on their cell phone.

    Festival fashion is something else. At the ones in Barcelona, it's obvious that all the English people coming over have bought a load of new stuff, just to sit on the ground and spill beer on themselves.

    I am liking those socks by the way!


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