Montana de Oro

These photos are long overdue! Grant and I went to Santa Barbara/ San Luis Obispo a few weeks ago to meet up with some friends and see Belle & Sebastian (who were amazing, by the way). The next day we left Santa Barbara and camped a night in Montana de Oro. Although it was overcast, the natural scenery was still amazing to check out--I can only imagine what this place would look like on a sunny day (paradise). 

Inside our little tent. In Santa Barbara, our friend's girlfriend (who is from the area) took us to the most amazing, ramshackle shop filled with odds and ends. I think it's a shop for artists who are looking to use found objects and or are searching for inspiration. Think an old warehouse filled with bins of salvaged tile, boxes and boxes of old photos and slide film, barrels of fabric swatches, thrift store tchotchkes every which way...you get the picture. There was a bin of old National Geographic magazines so I snagged two from the 50s. I love the colors and photographs seen in pre 1970 National Geographics, I have a little bit of a collection going. Maybe I'll scan some of the pages for the blog...
Grant making friends with a bird. Not pictured: the smallest baby quail EVER scampering around with its mom. It was SO SMALL. Literally 2 1/2 inches tall and running so fast with its little feet. Grant and I couldn't stop talking about that little quail. 
The colors= amazing. 
Take it all in...

 Dare I say the central coast agrees with my hair??

As we were driving around town we spied this rope spring in a common area and naturally had to pull over for a bit of swinging.

The next day. Woke up early and checked out the elephant seals.

And now it's time to read! Half way through A Dance With Dragons...


  1. It looks so beautiful there and the seals are so cool!
    I didn't realize the value of National Geographic's until recently, but the previous owner of my mom's house left a collection dating back to the 1930's that I grew up just having in the attic as like a weird thing haha. I should probably put them in a box or something.
    I'm quite jealous of your shirt too.

  2. Such gorgeous scenery! I love old colour photos in magazines/books from this era too. Do strangely saturated.

  3. This sounds like such a fantastic time. Belle & Sebastian put on such a fun show and the Central Coast is so, so beautiful.

  4. I know this is totally like.. not related but it's meeee! Ashley B the one that had a reallly similar last name as you.... I finally jumped the gun (is that what the saying is?) and started up my blog again. As always, you're always my inspiration but just thought I'd share with you (: I still am such a huge fan of your blog. <3 Bye Ashley!


  5. what a beautiful place! hope to make it out there someday!!! and i love that top, it looks sooo good on you!

    at this volume

  6. this look amazing! i too went to catalina island during the sole rainy day of my california trip a few years ago, but you somehow manage to enjoy these places despite the weather.

  7. Love these photographs! An your hair is just so cute.



  8. Looks like a great trip! I always LOVE you in your Keds tennies!!


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