Outfit details: striped shirt: thrifted, overalls: RVCA, hat: stolen from Grant, Worishofer sandals: AmazonReverse denim tote: Everlane

These photos are kind of old, taken earlier this summer but whatever. One weekend Grant and I decided to head up to LA to check out the Chris Johanson show at the MOCA Pacific Design Center and afterward we spent the day wandering around my old stomping grounds, Westwood and Santa Monica, eating persian ice cream and lamenting the fact that Thank You Mart (the most amazing vintage store in Westwood where EVERYTHING was $3.99) doesn't exist anymore. Eventually, we made our way over to the Promenade for some requisite people watching and window shopping and then finally rolled to Chinatown for some CHEGO! Not a super eventful day but fun nonetheless :)

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